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Yard waste disposal

Hi all, I am a gardener. I have been growing vegetables for 3 years. Since it is farming, a considerable amount of waste generates from the yard. Sometimes we might use it for producing organic manure. I am in the process of expanding my yard. I cleared some more area near the yard. I planning to cut down some plants and the tree. These cut down tree branches and the plants might be of no use to the farm. So it will be a trash after clearing the area and might be difficult to remove. I thought of seeking the help of a trash removal service in Toronto. I also have some unused gardening equipment which I am trying to get rid off. I want these also to be disposed off along with them. There are also some wooden pieces which I used for fencing around the yard. Is it really possible to dispose of organic waste via disposal service? Is there any other method I could try? Share your opinion.

Posted 11 months ago | Last edited 11 months ago

Private or commercial? In the UK, as a domestic gardener, I compost most of the material cut down in my garden. Woody stems and branches either get used as plant supports or added to my firewood collection (seasoned for a year or two and eventually burned). The small amount of left over material, such as thorny plants or weeds that easily regrow from small cuttings can be taken to the local tip, where they get composted on a municipal scale (high volume and thus enough heat and pressure to avoid problems).

If I was growing commercially, waste disposal would be another expense although I’d still want to be using the organic route as much as possible.


Posted 10 months ago

I’m with Wulf on that. The compost that is made is so useful around the garden, if applied thickly it suppresses weeds as well as improving the soil.

We also reserve one compost bin to take the dog poop, that way it’s compost is used on flowering plants only

Posted 8 months ago

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Take photos and post them on freecycling sites for your area. Or as already suggested, use as compost. You might also look into Hugelkultur which is how I used up some log scraps.

Posted 7 months ago

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