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How much will the water softener cost?

Hi all,
I am thinking of renovating our home as it was purchased by my grandparents. They lived here and then it was inherited by my parents. Now, My husband and I live here. So my point is, the house is really old. My husband and I are going for whole home renovation as it requires maintenance. We are thinking of renovating it section by section. Obviously, we are getting the electrical wirings checked too.
We’ll be starting with bathroom and kitchen. Due to the use of hard water, the pipes get damaged easily and we have already replaced the showers and pipes several times. We have planned to get the bathroom appliances from Calgary.

My real question is since we are renovating the whole home do you think we should also get a water softener system? How much will it cost to fix the same?
Does it also need maintaining? Would the maintenance cost more than just replacing the appliances? Please reply

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Hi Smithiey, I’m not sure that your questions can be answered on a Gardening forum! If you have gardening related questions then, by all means, post them & someone will try to help you but I’m afraid home renovation is not exactly gardening!

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Posted 8 months ago | Last edited 8 months ago

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