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I am a newbie to this forum. I am a gardener. Flowers make home welcoming. I have a wide range of flowering plants like assorted annuals and perennials. These plants can keep the home awash with color all the year long. I always love to experiment with gardening. Now, I have a shady yard in the backyard of my house. I designed the yard with the help of my mother. She is also a gardener. Now I desire to try a vegetable yard in the backyard of my house. I don’t know anything regarding vegetable gardening. I cleared a small area near my house where I plan to have the vegetable yard. I trimmed the branches of the trees and cleared space. The dead trees and other organic wastes were disposed of with the help of a garbage disposal services in Toronto.
I don’t know anything regarding gardening. I am just a beginner in vegetables. I don’t have any idea about vegetable gardening. How to prepare the soil? What kind of vegetables are good for beginners? It will be very useful for me if you can provide any tips. Thank you

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Just seen your posting with reference to vegetable growing. I am unable to chat now but will contact you again tomorrow.

Oh what fun you are going to have!!!

Best, Greg.

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If you have never grown your own fresh vegetables before then you are in for a treat. There is nothing like the taste of vegetables that you have grown yourself. They taste so much better that those purchased from the supermarket and of course, being fresh when consumed, they are good for you giving you vital vitamins and some also have anti-carcinogenic properties.

How big is your plot that you have cleared? One of the fun parts of vegetable growing is in the planning of what you want to grow. All thought not a difficult task to make this easier you can use an online garden planning tool. The one I use is the Dobies Garden Planner which can be found at I recommend you take a look. Another useful online tool is a gardening forum. I belong to sign up for this and you can ask its many experienced vegetable growing members questions about what you are growing and what you would like to grow. Also searches on the internet will give you a wealth of information on what vegetables to grow and how to grow them.

A lot of gardeners will grow their veg from seed but you would be better off starting with vegetable plants already growing in trays. I don’t know about Canada but these are normally purchased from Garden centres and local growers.

Start with easy to grow vegetables like lettuce, beetroot, bunching onions, peas, beans and carrots. You can then try some of the brassicas such as kale, collards and cabbage. Try growing spinach, but buy a non-bolting variety if you can they are delicious. Another favourite are tomatoes. Try growing some of the trailing varieties in hanging baskets

There is a whole host of vegetables to grow at various times of the years both in your plot and in containers and as I have said above one of your best tools for information is the internet.

I wish you well with your new venture and if I can help in any way please do not hesitate to contact me.


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One thing to look at is how much sun you will get. Make sure that you put sun-loving veggies where they get 6 hours of direct sun. Tomatoes need a ton of sun, but lettuce not so much.

There are things like lettuce, spinach and cilantro that can bolt-which means they will suddenly take off and go to seed, which makes them not so good to eat and then the plant dies. They can be planted in 2-3 week intervals, which will allow you to have a new batch coming as the old one reaches the end of its cycle. If you are new to veggies, these are the only ones I’d try from seeds as opposed to plants. Most of Canada has a shorter growing season than I am used to, so you would really benefit from having some plants already a pretty good size before you transplanted them. I’m in Pennsylvania, and it is nearly impossible for me to grow pumpkins or watermelons from seed, as they need more growing time than I have.

Good luck!

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Here in Fl. I have a more successful time planting in late winter and the fall. Just to hot for most things here. from Dec. 2017 to May 2018 we grew enough tomato’s, okra, hot peppers, bell peppers, pole beans to put up and last until my next planting. I will plant again in Sept.

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I am new to the group also. Joined to learn about growing Bonsai trees that I just purchased. I also bought some succulents cuttings and cactus seeds. Various types.

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