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Is this website dead?

I don’t really see anything new on this website at all, seed swaps are years old, etc….I feel like maybe I am wasting m,y time here.

Posted 30 days ago

Hope not! I just signed up haha

Posted 30 days ago

Runes: That depends on what you want from the website and what you are prepared to put into it. It is less busy than it was but there are people who post regularly, I am one of them, and I track friends’ journals. For people who live in northern climes, winter tends to be a quiet time. If you want it to be a more lively site get some of your friends to join.

Posted 29 days ago

I was wondering the same. I noticed that the Facebook page has not had any new entries in a while.

Posted 28 days ago

What is the Facebook page? I couldn’t find anything on the Facebook site about myFolia.

As with any website, people come and go, journal more, journal less. It depends what you want to use the website for – keeping a record of your garden, straight data entry, watching what other gardeners are doing, what they are planting, etc. Photos are always good for those of us not familiar with plants you might be growing. I look forward to hearing about your garden.

Posted 28 days ago

I also just joined, more to keep track of my garden in an organized way than to join the seed swap since I have lots of options for that already. Hoping as summer gets under way that it will be busier and I can read about successes and failures to learn from!

Posted 28 days ago

I am sure that the site will get busier as summer comes. People who have been members longer don’t always hear about new members but have a look around and see who might be in the same climate zone or in your area. It is helpful to put something more detailed than USA as the States covers a lot of ground and climates.

Posted 28 days ago


Folia Helper

United Kingdom8a

Hi there guys, I can assure you that this site is very far from dead! As Rainymountain says at this time of the year the forums are relatively quiet as many of us live in the Northern Hemisphere & it being winter here there’s not a lot to talk about or a lot going on in our gardens.

Stick around & you will soon notice how things start to pick up in the coming month with the arrival of spring. I’m an assiduous poster & a monitor of some of the forums. You will find 100s of posts & photos that I’ve added to the site. But, as mentioned above, we don’t always see new arrivals & often have to look out for them. So don’t be discouraged but write a bit about your gardens or whatever you grow, (I, for one, don’t have a “proper” garden & do my gardening on a balcony in the UK, see photo) you will then find people commenting on your posts & if you upload photos then you will see much more interest from people.

Hope to see you posting & adding photos or even asking questions. Remember the only “silly” question is the one that doesn’t get asked! We are always willing to help out if you need any help & Nick & Nat are only too willing to answer any problems you might experience with the site.

Happy gardening.

Posted 28 days ago

Hello rainymountain,

With regards to the Facebook page, I clicked on the link at the bottom of a page on the site and found that the last entry appears to be in 2016. I’m no expert on Facebook, unlike my grandchildren, so I might be wrong!!


Posted 28 days ago

I just joined today! Hoping to try to get my gardening things more organized. Thought this looked like something that could help with that. Great tools! It would be nice to have some active members on the site as well so that maybe we could swap seeds.

Posted 23 days ago

I am active!

Posted 21 days ago


Folia Helper

United Kingdom8a

Hi Tennille & welcome to My Folia! You will find lots of people active on this site but until you start writing journals & posting comments & photos people won’t know you are on here nor will you find people who might share your interests.

If you are interested in swapping seeds then there is a group for that: (Seed swappers)

I’m one of the helpers on this site & if I can help you with anything you need only ask.

Have a look at the Gardening Forums (Groups) to see if there is any other group you think might suit you then, after reading some posts,join them & enjoy other people who share your interests.

Posted 21 days ago | Last edited 21 days ago

It’s not dead! I started more than three years ago, and while it does seem quieter, there are definitely still active users. I am guilty of taking long hiatuses, but I use the site mostly for tracking my gardens and comparing them year after year.

I do still love to see what other people are doing and love to see pictures!! I’m journaling more now that bulbs are starting to sprout in my area!

Posted 21 days ago

Thank you guys for the great responses! I’m super excited!

Posted 21 days ago

Hi I’m new as well. Let’s all that posted here add each other as friends or follow? Then we can help each other navigate together. What do you think of my idea? …..well I can’t add any friends. Why?

Posted 13 days ago | Last edited 13 days ago

From Greg on the other side of the big pond!

I like that idea about adding each other as friends.

Posted 13 days ago

Same here :)

Posted 13 days ago


Folia Helper

United Kingdom8a

If you wish to Friend another Folian then click on their username (Avatar) & when the window opens click on the “Options” button at the top right hand corner. (Big brown button) In the drop down menu there are two options, 1) Follow (Click here to “Friend” someone & 2) Send a Private Message (PM) Only the person you write to will be able to read the message, nobody else. Can be used to send private information you don’t want just anyone to see like your address for example.

Hope this helps.

Posted 13 days ago

Hello everybody and welcome to My Folia :) I’m not much of a writer, but I love using this site for organizing my gardens and keeping track of my seeds (my seed stash and my wish list). As Amarylis commented – it’s still winter in the northern hemisphere so there isn’t much activity on the site, but it’s a perfect timing for seeds swaps for the new growing season. :) Today I sent some seeds to another Folian in Europe and I’m excited about our swap :)

Posted 12 days ago | Last edited 12 days ago

BTW you can watch latest activities on My Folia:

@Tenille – when you eventually add plants to your wishlist and to your stash, you will see your swap matches on this link:

Posted 12 days ago

Hello and welcome to our new members.
As others have said, this site is far from dead, indeed it has many active participants from all over the world. I personally have been here for quite a long time, I think it was around 2007 when I found Folia.

I’m usually quite active here, recording what’s happening in my garden, which being tropical, continues its growth cycles throughout the year. I can be a little less active over what are your winter months, as it is high summer here and just too hot outdoors for most of the day – or too wet. At present we are experiencing extreme flooding here in North Queensland.

I’ve also been away from home, over the Christmas period, and again in February, just returning home Thursday night past (just in time to be flooded in for several days!) So, I’ve not been home to write about my gardening exploits. However, March-April is the busy time to prepare for planting and growing here, so I’ll be tapping away at my keyboard again soon as I start preparing beds, or to put it more aptly, start hacking my way through the jungle that has sprouted in my absence over most of the wet season.

I am more than happy to answer questions, share my experiences, and anything else with which I may be able to assist. Unfortunately, the one thing I can’t really help with is seed swaps as I’m in Australia. Although I would be happy to send seeds overseas, there are few that I can receive in return because of our strict quarantine regulations. Additionally, governments at each end make us go through so much red tape, and sometimes expense, just to import a few seeds that it just becomes too big a hurdle for most of us. So it is probably better, and definitely easier, to try to find more local swaps.

Regarding the Facebook page, I’ve only used it when I’ve had technical problems and couldn’t access the Folia website. It proves to be a useful backup to contact Nic for help when my computer misbehaves. I think most Folians use the Folia website direct, rather than through Facebook.

When you are ready, start listing your plants, writing in your journals, and in no time at all you’ll find yourself in the Folia community. In the meantime, have a look at our pages, read our journals, view our milestones and you’ll begin to see how Folia works and it all comes together. Know that you can tailor Folia to meet your needs and desires, making it as simple or as complicated as you want it to be, and above all else, have fun!

Posted 10 days ago | Last edited 10 days ago

As Carol says, it’s been too hot for “active” gardening.

Early morning harvesting of vegetables and turning on the irrigation systems, before closing up the house and retreating to read books or bulb catalogues seems to have been the order of the day.

The bulbs have now arrived, so it will be back to Folia to track them through to spring.

I hope everyone who is new to the site will have as much fun and benefits from using it as I have. I searched for something like this for years, and was so pleased to find it.
It may take a while to set up your gardens, plants etc but it is well worthwhile down the track.

Posted 9 days ago

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