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Flowers that I can grow in Zone 13

Hel! I am totally new to planting. I bought a vacation home in Nigeria and want to buy flower seeds here to plant there. My research tells me that the hardiness zone there is 13. We have about 5 months of rain and the rest is dry and hot. I live in Virginia and do not know where to start and if I should be buying the seeds here. I travel in about 10 days. Please where can I get beautiful colorful flowers to grow there. I love color and would like to incorporate it in my garden and hedges.

Posted about 1 year ago

One option would be to ask your new neighbours, they will be able to advise you best what will grow locally, and they may have seeds or cuttings to help you on your way. Have fun in your new garden!

Posted about 1 year ago


Folia Helper

United Kingdom8a

Before you bring seeds/plants into the country you should find out what is/isn’t allowed into the country first. Some countries have very strict laws about what can be imported.

Posted about 1 year ago

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