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I’ve read all about these plants, about how poisonous they are and all the folklore, superstitions, etc., etc., etc. I’ve always wanted to grow them, even tho I’m in the wrong planting zone —9a. Anyway, I bought mandrake seeds about 5 years ago. Never planted them. Still have them and wondering if they have any chance of germinating at this point. I read that they should be put in the frig for (various time periods given) in damp sand in a ziplock. Then room temp for additional time. Apparently it takes about 2 months or even much much longer for germination. IS anyone familiar with these plants on this forum who could offer any advice. So far I’ve heard they don’t like high temps and need to germinate in winter, need sun with partial shade. I want more info and/or testimony from someone who has successfully grown them. I’m fascinated with them.

Posted 12 months ago


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Hi Bible garden, here are a couple of links that may help you in your desire to grow Mandrakes:

Wikipedia – Mandrake

How to grow Mandrakes

Look especially at the “Tips”, at the end of the article!

Hope this helps you.


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Thanks, Amaryllis.

Posted 11 months ago

Does anyone have personal experience with mandrakes? Anyone?

Posted 11 months ago

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