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Can anyone advise if I should remove dead flowers from my Fremontodendron. I did last year and it flowered all through the summer but I read you shouldn’t remove the dead flowers so have left them on this year however after the first flush of flowers the tree is full of dead flowers.
Also inside the dead flowers heads are what seem to be small bulbs- are these new flowers?

Posted about 1 year ago


I did not know what a Fremontodendron was, so I had to check it out.

I think that generally, removing spent flowers is recommended, as this saves the plant wasting energy producing unwanted seed heads. However, I you may have been advised to leave the flowers on this plant because it has small hairs over the seed capsule and stem that will cause irritation

If you kept an eye on one of the old flower heads you could check to see if more buds open from the same stem or if what you are seeing is the developing seeds.

Post a photo, if you are able, it would be great to see your unusual plant growing in the UK.

Posted 12 months ago


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I didn’t know what this plant was either so I, too, looked it up. There is a short page on this plant in Wikipedia which I found of interest. Seems to be an interesting shrub. Perhaps we should try & grow more of it here in the UK as Climate Change looks to be like making our summers more Mediterranean like in the coming years.

Posted 12 months ago

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