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Cuh2o and powdery mildew or other fungus

Hey guys im new here an i keep seeing some stuff about mold or mildew or some sort of rot. I recently found a great product and my mother always told me if i can tell someone somthing to help them then do it so im telling you guys about cuh2o i dont know alot about it except its natural and works great i used it for my medical crop on powdery mildew and it worked like a charm i hoped on here to initially find some forum on what to feed my kamoto and some how got to this lol so dont judge me but the product is great the research ive done was all on the actual mineral its self witch is copper sulfate pentahidrate but none on the product its self but it says the active ingredient is the c.s.p and figured if i went to there site id only see good stuff about it but look up copper sulfate pentahidrate and powder mildew or as a micronutrient and youll see what im talkin about thanks for your time on reading this im not to sure if i did it right but hope it helps

Posted 12 months ago

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