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Group in Belize?

We live in the Carolinas but will be moving to Belize this fall. Is there an appropriate Group to learn about gardening plants there before we move?

Posted about 1 year ago

Hello Reilly,

While I am not aware of a group specifically for Belize, the climate is tropical with distinct wet and dry seasons, so the climate is very similar to where I live in the tropics of northern Australia. As Belize is in the northern hemisphere, our seasons would simply be reversed.

If you are asking about native vegetation of the area, I can’t help. Where I can help is in answering any questions you may have about gardening in the tropics especially in relation to edible plants.

Are you interested in mainly ornamental plants, or do you hope to grow food plants? Are you an experienced gardener or a beginner?

A few tropical gardening groups were started on Folia but there has been little activity there in recent years. Evenso, you may find some useful information there. The groups are: Tropical and Subtropical Gardening, Tropical Kitchen Gardens, or the Asian Vegetables group. I usually keep a watch on those groups, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.

I moved from a temperate climate to the tropics about 12 years ago and went through a sharp learning curve as the seasons and gardening techniques are just so different. A few local characteristics also influence the climate such as proximity to the sea or to mountains, density of local vegetation (ie whether mostly cleared or forested land nearby), if your land is on a floodplain – if so check if you would be subjected to seasonal flooding including your house as well as your garden! While I can cope with sections of my garden submerging for a few days each wet season, I would not cope with my house being flooded on an almost annual basis, as happens to a few friends in a nearby town. You also need to be aware of cyclones (hurricanes) which can be quite devastating. By all means read through any of my gardening journals which should give you an impression of life in the tropics in general, if not specifically in Belize.

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