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music while gardening :)

Okay this might seem a bit random, but I love listening to music while gardening and I wondered if anyone else does too. Here’s a Spotify playlist I made with my favourite gardening and growing-related songs:

Would love to hear other garden-related music recommendations!

Posted 12 months ago

I looked at your song list, it is wonderful!

I must admit I’ve not listened to music while gardening, but I live in a very resonant place where my activities take place, indoors or out, to a chorus of birdsong, frog calls, humming insects or the symphony of other wildlife around me. It is never completely quiet here, but it is always soothing.

Looking at your song list I can well imagine singing along while rhythmically performing gardening tasks to the various tracks. A brilliant idea.

Posted 12 months ago

glad i’m not the only one, i put on my headphones and dance and holler along to toots and the maytals.

Posted 11 months ago

It normally depends on which bed I am working on. Normally either Broadway(Evit Wicked,Rent) or a little rock (Muse, Seether). It also depends what I feel like singing at the time.

Posted 9 months ago

I bought a portable speaker that pugs into my phone. You can run it off batteries or track down ( it doesn’t come w/ac adaptor) a USB microphone cord. I put my Libray on random and go. It is great for about 30’-40’. But for $10 from Big Lots, works for me! I would really enjoy a speaker system that reaches further and has a bit better quality. Things take time. I have managed to get it together to do outdoor lighting so I can play in the dirt in the cool of the evening sooo I’ll make do!

Posted 8 months ago

Willie Nelson station on Pandora.
@SueSh Cheers for Toots & Maytals. That’s a good day in the garden.

Posted 7 months ago

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