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Greenhouse Gardening - Landscaping around your greenhouse - what to plant

I’m new to greenhouse gardening, and just recently got a new greenhouse that is basically a “tabula rasa” for me and my garden this coming year.

I have staging, I have lots of tools in it now, but I am thinking about landscaping and “beautifying” the space around it (also a tabula rasa, except for some bulbs on both sides and delphiniums on the other.

I have a few larger containers for the walkway behind the greenhouse, a bit for shade when needed. The picture can give you an idea of the size, the placement and what I have to work with!

I am interested in what _you _have landscaped around your greenhouse. Please post pics if you can, and let me know what you have – what works/what doesn’t.

There are so many options, and since it’s the dead of winter and I can’t do much in my Zone 6 environment right now, I thought this might be a good time to ask what you all do…

Cheers, and happy gardening!


Posted over 6 years ago

I am moving my greenhouse this spring – so I am going to be very little help in the experience department. I have a few things done and a few things planned…

I have built a little walk through trellis on the north side of my greehouse that will hold grape vines. This is the shady side of the greenhouse & will also be a good spot for peas/lettuce/spinach etc. In the winter the vineswill die back & let the sun back through. I am planning on building a 2-3 foot brick wall on top of cement footings to raise the greenhouse up. There is an asparagus garden patch on the South side of the greenhouse. It is angle into the vegetable garden. I was planning on doing a few colourful pots of flowers around it – possibly ornamental millet & amaranthus which should grow taller throughout the summer & give some shade to the greenhouse when the summer is hottest. I figured that once I figured out where the pots do the best & help the greenhouse the most I would put in permanent beds. I like the idea that I can move the pots around to experiment for this summer. I also have to fit in a rainbarrel (I got a large fake-terra cotta one) to attach to the eaves of my greenhouse.

Congrats on your greenhouse! Your garden already looks beautiful. The greenhouse is adorable. Your border bed looks very lush! The splashes of orange on your green green grass look spectacular. I’m afraid that my lawn is getting yellower and less full every year. (: I am curious what everyone else does around their greenhouses. I hope you get a few answers! Sorry I’m not more help (:

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Thank you nickyn! Sorry that it took me so long to reply, the thread kind of got lost in the shuffle. I appreciate it very much for the kind compliments.

The picture was unfortunately taken in October. Right now the garden looks very different.

I was thinking of a few more standard plants, maybe some vining plants (pumpkins) aound the greenhouse, but I’m not sure. I am planning to plant some gladiolas around the greenhouse so that there is a bit of height as well. I absolutely love your idea of a grape vine trellis (I’m a winemaker), but I’m not sure how well they would do here. We don’t have great varieties like Concord or Catawba that would fare well in the winter. That being said, since the summers are usually quite rainy and “sun-poor” I doubt any would do well. Mine in the garden (Mueller Thurgau) have given me a whopping 1 bottle of wine. (BTW, I’m originally from Cleveland, Ohio USA, also a 5a/b gardener in the past)

What I want is that the greenhouse (in contrast to now) is a part of the garden, not sticking out like a sore thumb, as it is now. (I will post tomorrow of how it looks now… Storage shed with a few plants/grow-trays!)

The greenhouse stands directly in the sun – I did it this way, as here in northern Germany, we get quite few hot, sunny days, even in the summer (Last spring was an exception). Usually we have rain, rain, rain, and an occasional sunny day. Spring seems to be the great season here, but it’s all over the place since I have arrived almost 4 years ago.

My lawn is so green because it’s all moss, by the way. ;) I don’t mind, as I’m not a huge lawn fan.

I will be doing the marigolds again, because they are (with daffodils) one of my favorite flowers in the whole world.

Thank you so much for your input, I’m sooooo waiting for the spring…. It simply cannot come soon enough!

Post a pic, if you can, of your greenhouse. I’m really needing ideas!

Thanks, and have a great gardening day!

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Trying to post a pic….

Posted over 6 years ago

Okay, a bit of an explanation,

The bit I would like to really improve is the east and the north side of the greenhouse, the west is probably kind of easy because I have a big bed to plant my peas in, for a bit of shade in the afternoon/evening. The east side of the greenhouse is very narrow, and the steps leading down to it aren’t enhancing the garden whatsoever. I put the greenhouse where I did, as I wanted it to be accessible (easily) from the house.

The north side is what you also see in the previous pic (I was standing north of the greenhouse) and is terraced. That is where I would like to have a variety of containers of different sizes. Just don’t know what really to plant. The place still gets full sun, as there are no trees in my garden (anymore). (See also )

The south side lines up directly with the lawn right now. I’m not sure if I want to add a walkway or not, but that being said, I only have neighbors on the east and the west of me. To the north, it’s just the street, and to the south, I have a big wall to hide the train tracks.

I hope this helps to understand my greenhouse!

Come on everyone, show your greenhouse landscaping!

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You would have to watch it didn’t block the lighting but I always liked when there is a pergala out front and youe could hang baskets on or big urns on each side of the entrance. I would beware of what you planted around it because you don’t want critters or bugs hiding in the foilage.You could mulch all the way around it and add a few short plantings but I would keep it pretty “clean” . Maybe paver walkways? I have a greenhouse but it is more commercial style with roll up sides so I really can’t plant anything around it. Yours looks very nice though.

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I have planted herbs in gravel on the sunny side and just made a permanent asparagus bed on the slightly less sunny side. I’m hoping the asparagus fern will grow up and provide a bit of shade in the summer but let light in at the beginning of the season. I planted sunflowers, sweet peas, sweet corn and tomatoes at various times over the years-they all give a bit of shade and disguise the outline from the house in mid summer.

Posted over 6 years ago

Yes, I was thinking of building a trellis at the west side of the house for pole beans and sweet-peas. I will chart out a plan over the weekend, but I think that’s what I’m going to do at least for the west side.

On the north side (which still gets pretty much full sun), I will plant a few biggish containers with different annuals. Also, my lemon tree is going to go out (hopefully it will regenerate from the “watering disaster” of last autumn), and I’ve bought a small standard to maybe grow and be a permanent part of my indoor/outdoor garden.

Just not sure how tall I should build my trellis. I’m thinking the taller, the better – for the plants, but to reach, a little difficult because I’m not super tall.

In the front, maybe nothing, but to the east, looking for tall-ish plants. Maybe a meter high? I’ve got gladiolas and larkspur (in German, Rittersporn) planted…

Not sure though… :)

It’s all so exciting!


Posted over 6 years ago

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