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  • General Chit Chat

    For talking about anything and everything that doesn't yet fit into a group by itself. Feel free to talk about whatev...

    Many members / 1146 topics
  • Folia Help!

    A community-led, friendly place to ask questions about Folia - no question too silly! Got a tip or trick to share? Po...

    Many members / 749 topics
  • Herbs

    This is a group for people who love to grow herbs! Here people can talk about plant varieties, problems and share the...

    771 members / 134 topics
  • Kitchen Gardens

    Welcome to the Kitchen Gardeners Group! The main topic here is growing food ~ vegetables, herbs, fruit, grains, and ...

    690 members / 171 topics
  • Container gardens

    All about the joys and challenges of growing things in pots, bathtubs, containers and other movable objects.

    581 members / 100 topics
  • Composting

    A group to discuss composting techniques, trials, and tribulations.

    458 members / 85 topics
  • Seed Swappers (OR - Plants, Bulbs, Cu...

    Have seeds or plants to swap? Looking for those who do? Post 'em here! To find out more about how you can swap o...

    455 members / 306 topics
  • Creative Solutions

    This group is all about recycling and using your 'found objects' creatively.

    416 members / 74 topics
  • Companion planting

    Let's talk about which plants like each other, and which don't. We could for example exchange ideas and experiences a...

    402 members / 39 topics
  • Seed Starting

    A place to ask questions, compare notes, celebrate successes and lament failures. Topics include all forms of seed p...

    235 members / 73 topics
  • Preserving the Harvest

    Overrun with Zucchini? Tomato plants overflowing? Not sure what to do with all those peppers? Maybe even flowers for ...

    234 members / 54 topics
  • Foodies

    A place to share our favorite recipes and photos of the food we make from the bounty of our gardening. Feel free to s...

    207 members / 98 topics