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  • k8tron's Rooftop garden

    Rooftop garden

    Atlanta, United States Atlanta, United States

  • Arkantos's Rooftop garden

    Rooftop garden

    to add details later

    Rampurhat WB, India Rampurhat WB, India

  • Kim's Rose garden

    Rose garden

    About half of the roses in this garden were there when we moved in. The others (the ones I can name) I planted from bare-root stock about a year ago. I’m a fan of hybrid teas because they smell so good!

    Canberra, Australia Canberra, Australia

  • Greenthing's Rock garden

    Rock garden

    This is a north-facing slope with tall hedge behind it so top half remains shaded most of the day. Spent too many hours last weekend removing Anemone as it became too invasive through it’s roots running everwhere. Put a division in a contai...

    Minneapolis, United States Minneapolis, United States

  • yougrowgirl's Rooftop garden

    Rooftop garden

    A rooftop garden in Toronto, Canada. Intensely hot and sunny. No outdoor water source. About 90%+ edible plants, veggies, herbs, and fruit. All organic.

    Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada

  • Orphiel's Rooftop garden

    Rooftop garden

    A garden is maybe a bit too grand for my current project. I am attempting to grow several grow-bags full of vegetables on the roof of my boat. Currently going on are lettuce, spinach beet, spring onions, beetroot, pak choi, and an oriental greens ...

    Nottingham, United Kingdom Nottingham, United Kingdom

  • jacqueline's Rose garden

    Rose garden

    Established in 1994 with the purpose of planting heavily scented and bright coloured flowers. Initially, Dad helped me to prune the roses, but I have done it myself for the last few years.

    Perth, Western Australia, Australia Perth, Western Australia, Australia

  • bja's raised bed garden

    raised bed garden

    I built a raised bed to grow veges after a regular bed was destroyed by my dog. “Hey, gardening looks like fun … yes, it IS fun!” It’s easier to keep him off something that looks a bit like furniture.

    South Queensferry, United Kingdom South Queensferry, United Kingdom USDA 8

  • angelsamongus's Rock garden

    Rock garden

    This part of our yard/garden was made strictlyfor the wildlife that comes into our yard. I have tried to make it appealing to butterflies, hummingbirds and other desireable birds and bugs too. We developed it last summer, so this was the first s...

    Milbank, United States Milbank, United States USDA 4

  • frilledlizard07's Rambling Rose garden

    Rambling Rose garden

    This is the area joing the Fern Garden to the Tropical patch. I have kept the Orange Blossom that was inherited, added to the rambling roses, put in a Bracken, Royal Fern, Hibiscus, Blue, Fatsia, Eucalyptus, Grasses, Phormium & Cotinus.

    Blyton, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Blyton, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom USDA 5

  • TiaMaria's Raised beds for veggies garden [archived]

    Raised beds for veggies garden Archived

    Rhubarb cleared and beds built in summer 2007. First try at vegetables will be 2008.

    Vermont, United States Vermont, United States USDA 4

  • jacqueline's Rhubarb Patch garden

    Rhubarb Patch garden

    This is a piece of garden that is in front of some house windows that receive morning sun. Various perennial and annual plants have grown here, but it tends to be a piece of this and a bit of that, just because it is a nice sheltered area to get p...

    Perth, Western Australia, Australia Perth, Western Australia, Australia

  • trixtah's Rose & herb garden [archived]

    Rose & herb garden Archived

    The roses are long-established old-fashioned ones, growing by the front stairs, which have been a bit lacking in food and nutrients. The bed has been built up with straw and forest mulch, the roses have been fed with rooster poo, seaweed fertilise...

    Canberra ACT, Australia Canberra ACT, Australia USDA 9a

  • karen_loasby's Rivenwood garden

    Rivenwood garden

    London, United Kingdom London, United Kingdom

  • CalKT's Rockbed on the Corner garden

    Rockbed on the Corner garden

    This area of my garden is the hottest in the summer and the coldest in the winter. It is on the corner of an intersection where it catches everything. I tried growing Blue Lantana there and it was beautiful but I couldn’t keep the gras...

    Sacramento, California, United States Sacramento, California, United States USDA 9

  • DrSlippers's Recreational garden

    Recreational garden

    Parts of this garden are well established after almost 40 years but much is still a work in progress. Originally two gardens, now unified into a family recreation area on two levels. There are lawns, the beginnings of an orchard, many trees and sh...

    Lancashire, United Kingdom Lancashire, United Kingdom

  • juneallison's Raised Boxes garden

    Raised Boxes garden

    asheville, United States asheville, United States USDA 6b

  • plantingOaks's Rose garden

    Rose garden

    Ha, this is funny. I don’t know where I’m going to put the roses yet. But dagummit I’m gonna have me some roses.

    Marysville Ohio, United States Marysville Ohio, United States USDA 5b

  • daleclarke's Rear garden

    Rear garden

    Billingham Cleveland, United Kingdom Billingham Cleveland, United Kingdom USDA 9

  • Roseman's Rose  garden

    Rose garden

    I have various rose beds as well as other garden areas. Roses are my favorites though. I love to take photos of them as they bloom from bud to fully open bloom.

    Loveland, United States Loveland, United States USDA 5

  • angrysalmon's Rose garden

    Rose garden

    St. Paul, MN, United States St. Paul, MN, United States USDA 4b

  • scfstattx's Raised Bed and Circle garden

    Raised Bed and Circle garden

    Garden is 16 feet by 4 feet with wooden sides about 1 feet tall. Originally used to grow vegetables we have now added flowers also. Nearby is about 3/4 of a circle surrounding a crushed granite sitting area. Originally used in an attempt to grow a...

    Austin, United States Austin, United States USDA 8b

  • lauren's Rectangle garden

    Rectangle garden


    Bainbridge Island , United States Bainbridge Island , United States USDA 8b

  • CLD's Raised 3-tiered Veggie garden

    Raised 3-tiered Veggie garden

    My veggie garden is three-tiered and 6 feet in circumference. It is filled with organic garden soil, to which I add compost two times a year. The compost I use is made with our kitchen scraps and yard waste. It’s raised because our soil here...

    Orlando, United States Orlando, United States USDA 9b

  • gardenfae's Raised Veggie Beds (x4) garden

    Raised Veggie Beds (x4) garden

    YEAR 1: In 2007 we tilled a patch of the back yard, and planted rows of seeds! It was our first garden and kind of slap-dash, but it grew and we were so proud! But we got a late start (planted seeds in May, I think), so only zucchini and lettuce e...

    Salt Lake City, United States Salt Lake City, United States USDA 6