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  • nath's Pocket Sized Zen garden

    Pocket Sized Zen garden

    It’s about the only garden I can keep at the moment :)

    Brockley London, United Kingdom Brockley London, United Kingdom

  • Bezzie's Pot garden

    Pot garden

    I prefer the term “pot” garden as it’s not really a patio or balcony garden. I had a small sampling of plants in pots on a large landing on our back steps.

    Bloomfield, New Jersey, United States Bloomfield, New Jersey, United States USDA 7

  • mellew's Patio garden

    Patio garden

    my patio garden is my entrance way to my place. It’s a container garden of tropicals and plants that can stand the heat. There’s no shade! The summers are really hot

    Orlando, United States Orlando, United States

  • harajukuroxy's Patio garden

    Patio garden

    United States United States

  • jane's Patio garden

    Patio garden

    a favorite spot right off the back patio. It is full sun, with a little shade in areas (like under the snakebark maple tree). It is all in raised beds which I have completely renovated since moving in last year. It gets moderate irrigation̷...

    Littleton, Colorado, United States Littleton, Colorado, United States

  • mondomuse's Patio garden

    Patio garden

    Patio view towards deck and side fence. This area is an expanse of concrete between the deck and rear lawn. Probably the most used portion of the backyard. There are two seating areas, a dining table and the view here from a garden swing. Featured...

    Venice California, United States Venice California, United States USDA 10

  • liralenli's Patio garden

    Patio garden

    Hanging planters, rail planters, self-watering planter, and a few flower pots around our patio.

    Longmont, CO, United States Longmont, CO, United States

  • jsut's Patio garden

    Patio garden

    mouse over the image!

    Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada

  • mondomuse's Patio garden [archived]

    Patio garden Archived

    A portion of our patio on a hot August night. Ah… Venice California, mild ocean breezes, fragrant jasmine, great friends, Jim Morrison… and police helicopters overhead at 3 AM. Lo que no me mata me hace más fuerte. Grow-your-own greyh...

    Venice California, United States Venice California, United States USDA 10

  • Kim's Patio garden

    Patio garden

    Canberra, Australia Canberra, Australia

  • Kirst's Patch No 1 garden

    Patch No 1 garden

    york, United Kingdom york, United Kingdom

  • jenchild's Perennial Flower/Side garden

    Perennial Flower/Side garden

    This is my little peaceful spot that is supposed to look more like a park or cottage garden than a shrubby bit of suburbia. I have a bench for reading, bird feeders and bird baths, lots of perennial flowers and vines, an arbor that will hopefully...

    Red Bank, United States Red Bank, United States USDA 7a

  • Lopaka's Plumie Patch garden

    Plumie Patch garden

    100’s of rare plumerias either growing in the ground or in containers.. All the plumies grown in my greenhouse are grown in a organic soilless mix full of coconut fibers and other natural amendments.

    Ft.Lauderdale,Florida, United States Ft.Lauderdale,Florida, United States USDA 10b

  • spidra's Party in the Back garden [archived]

    Party in the Back garden Archived

    Edible landscaping.

    South Pasadena CA, United States South Pasadena CA, United States USDA 9b

  • lein's Poststamp Voortuin garden

    Poststamp Voortuin garden

    How much space I have here? I think it is no more than 6 m2… And I never use the frontdoor for myself, only for formal guests. All good friends and neighbours just hop in through the backdoor. And there’s only sun in the morning, so th...

    Brielle, Netherlands Brielle, Netherlands

  • Audrey's Patch of Green garden [archived]

    Patch of Green garden Archived

    This garden thrived in a 30 sq ft area with a balcony porch partially hanging over it and a Rose of Sharon bush blocking those that would trample it as well as the sun. It got partial sun in the day and still we saw a bounty. But we no longer live...

    Cleveland, Ohio, United States Cleveland, Ohio, United States USDA 8

  • wheezyschneider's Patio garden

    Patio garden

    Full-face Hibiscus-my favorite! This flower has a blue hue due to lighting adjustment when developed on computer. NICE,HUH1

    Jersey City, United States Jersey City, United States USDA 6

  • missywombat's Powerbox patch garden [archived]

    Powerbox patch garden Archived

    Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia USDA 12

  • Kirst's Patch No 2 garden

    Patch No 2 garden

    Nothing growing in this plot at the moment but we’ve had peas, mangetout, runner and french beans and onions in it earlier this year. Beans were doing really well til the neighbourhood rabbits developed a taste for them…

    york, United Kingdom york, United Kingdom

  • Kirst's Patch No 3 garden

    Patch No 3 garden

    this plot has full sun now as we’ve taken down the big fence that used to run alongside it. Got misuna and some other lettuce in there just now plus some pak choi, swiss chard and spinach. Tomatoes didn’t do too well here this year ...

    york, United Kingdom york, United Kingdom

  • Kirst's Patch No 4 garden

    Patch No 4 garden

    We’ve just got ourselves a new plot by pulling out an old fence and getting rid of the shrubs that were planted next to it. We haven’t planted anything in it yet but it’ll be in full use next year.

    york, United Kingdom york, United Kingdom

  • Kirst's Patch No 5 garden

    Patch No 5 garden

    This is our strawberry patch. Planted them out this summer and we got some fruit from them before the rain came but not a great deal. We’re hoping for more next year. Needed a lot of weeding this summer so I’ve just covered the plot wi...

    york, United Kingdom york, United Kingdom

  • Kirst's Patch No 6 garden

    Patch No 6 garden

    Dug this out from under the brambles this spring but it’s been under plastic sheeting since then. Was going to be for raspberries but we changed our minds.

    york, United Kingdom york, United Kingdom

  • Kirst's Patch No 7 garden

    Patch No 7 garden

    Another one that we dug out from under several years’ worth of brambles in Spring when we took the plot on. Had the potatoes in here over the summer and just planted the leeks out a few weeks ago once the spuds were up. Gets a bit of shade f...

    york, United Kingdom york, United Kingdom

  • Kirst's Patch No 8 garden

    Patch No 8 garden

    We’ve had butternut and pattypan squash in here this year but they didn’t do particularly well. We were quite late planting them and then the rains came. We got a couple of good sized pattypans but the butternuts bit the dust a couple ...

    york, United Kingdom york, United Kingdom