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  • kelly's Outdoor Container garden [archived]

    Outdoor Container garden Archived

    Despite having 640 sq ft of in-ground garden space, that’s never enough.

    Edmonton AB, Canada Edmonton AB, Canada USDA 6b

  • Arkantos's Orchard garden

    Orchard garden

    to add details later

    Rampurhat WB, India Rampurhat WB, India

  • frilledlizard07's Orchard garden

    Orchard garden

    I know this is a small orchard but it is packed with fruit, although this year 2007 was a disastrous year. There is an apple tree (cooking), rhubarb, peach tree, blackcurrants, raspberries, & behind where I’m standing climbing up the fen...

    Blyton, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Blyton, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom USDA 5

  • perennialpal's Old Picket Fence garden

    Old Picket Fence garden

    This was my poor overgrown, cottage garden 1 month ago. My husband & I put in the picket fence after we moved here 9 years ago. I made big beds around the fence and it was pretty until last year, when I was away helping my Mother. We had heavy...

    Oklahoma, United States Oklahoma, United States USDA 7b

  • Greerish's Orchid garden

    Orchid garden

    Writtle, United Kingdom Writtle, United Kingdom USDA 9a

  • grrlpup's office desktop garden

    office desktop garden

    I work in a cubicle with 100 percent fluorescent light. My jade plant is tucked up under the bulb, and the light is on 10 hours per day, four or five days per week. I water about once a week. I bought the plant about six months ago at Safeway, and...

    Portland, Oregon, United States Portland, Oregon, United States

  • Ashley's Orchard garden

    Orchard garden

    I love Phalaenopsis Orchids, I currently have two. They are the only type of orchids I haven’t managed to kill as easily.

    Collinsville, United States Collinsville, United States USDA 6a

  • t0xic_honey's Out the right hand side of the breezeway door kitchen garden garden

    Out the right hand side of the breezeway door kitchen garden garden

    OK. This garden is immediately outside the side breezeway door, opposite what I think of as my herb garden. This one has a permanently fruiting lemon tree (we live on lemon butter, lemon curd tarts, lemon drinks for breakfast and so on…), so...

    Dorroughby, Northern Rivers, Byron Bay Hinterland, Australia Dorroughby, Northern Rivers, Byron Bay Hinterland, Australia

  • turkeytaker's Orchid closet garden [archived]

    Orchid closet garden Archived

    I grow various and assorted orchids in this closet. Everything is watered with r/o water and grown using only fluorescent lighting. A fan is placed at the back end to blow air through.

    United States United States USDA 7a

  • Annet's On the fence garden

    On the fence garden

    I created this strip along the garden wall, by popping out a few paving stones, and adding some potting soil to the sand mix that was in there. During my first year in this garden I planted broad beans, peas and tomatoes, and they did surprisingly...

    dahab, Egypt dahab, Egypt USDA 8

  • mehitabel's Orchids garden

    Orchids garden

    I grow orchids, outdoors on a second-story deck in summer; inside in a basement light room in winter. In-bloom plants are displayed under Wonderlites.

    St Louis, United States St Louis, United States USDA 6

  • misti's Our Pot Ghetto garden

    Our Pot Ghetto garden

    We started our plants in containers and then when we moved into the house we are renting we sort of expanded. Now, we have many plants in the ground and will probably leave some behind, someday. But, mostly it is a container garden.

    Fort Lauderdale, United States Fort Lauderdale, United States USDA 10b

  • Lyn_Never's Oak Shade Bed garden [archived]

    Oak Shade Bed garden Archived

    Dallas, United States Dallas, United States USDA 8

  • flashalee's Orchid garden

    Orchid garden

    I have about 15 orchids in my south facing window, species TBA at a later date

    Navarre Florida, United States Navarre Florida, United States USDA 8b

  • inkandpen's Overwintering Plants garden

    Overwintering Plants garden

    These are plants, mostly herbs, that I dug out of the garden in the fall to overwinter inside. Also, some of the larger pots come from my friend Nicole’s container herb garden or from my patio flowers.

    Freeville, United States Freeville, United States USDA 4b

  • herbsontheshelf's ollies window garden garden

    ollies window garden garden

    its a big window sill come shelf thing that gets lots of light, so i figure why not grow stuff on it.

    london, United Kingdom london, United Kingdom

  • eawilson's Our Kitchen garden

    Our Kitchen garden

    Last year was our first year in our house. We moved in mid-May, and didn’t really have the time to put in a full garden. Instead, we used raised flower beds (that were overgrown with weeds) and planted a few tomatoes and peppers. They wer...

    Coralville, United States Coralville, United States USDA 5

  • ewilli's outdoor succulent garden

    outdoor succulent garden

    The succulents in my outdoor garden are frost-tolerant and grow well in a mediterranean climate.

    hollister, United States hollister, United States

  • joeysplanting's Outdoor Propagation garden

    Outdoor Propagation garden

    This little section of our backyard is where I place sown seeds, seedlings and cutting.

    Vallejo, California CA, United States Vallejo, California CA, United States USDA 9b

  • mlstotts's Oak Grove Orchard garden

    Oak Grove Orchard garden

    Two mature orange trees and a few raised beds for vegetables.

    Santa Barbara, United States Santa Barbara, United States USDA 10a

  • FieryNature's Orchid House garden

    Orchid House garden

    This 12 X 20 foot covered patio is home to 200+ orchids that grow outside year round here in Southern California

    Southern California, United States Southern California, United States USDA 8b

  • cara's Office Sort Of Shady garden

    Office Sort Of Shady garden

    This flower bed is the first bed you see when you walk out the front door of my house, but is difficult to manage because of the mixed exposure it gets.

    Indianapolis, United States Indianapolis, United States USDA 5

  • Diana's Our backyard refuge garden

    Our backyard refuge garden

    when I need tranquility I close my eyes picture our garden: red roses, daylilies, butterfly weed, sage, zinnias, hyssops, whirling butterflies, cat mint, yarrow, hydrangeas, spiderwort, salvias, coneflowers all in the dappled shade of ...

    Florence, Alabama, United States Florence, Alabama, United States USDA 7a

  • cehualli's Outside Planters garden [archived]

    Outside Planters garden Archived

    Various planters outside.

    Springfield, OR, United States Springfield, OR, United States USDA 8a

  • snowgardener's Obelisk  garden

    Obelisk garden

    The obelisk is about 8 feet tall made from cedar and copper by my Dad and my husband. I love it and it is the centerpiece of this garden. Here grows 3 of my 4 roses including the Abraham Darby and the miniature red rose shown in the pictures abov...

    Watertown, NY, United States Watertown, NY, United States USDA 4b