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  • nic's Indoor garden

    Indoor garden

    My indoor garden currently consists some random houseplants scattered around the house, and a couple of indoor herb and veggie experiments on the go.

    London SE4, United Kingdom London SE4, United Kingdom USDA 8

  • grevillea's Indoor garden

    Indoor garden

    Cambridge, MA, United States Cambridge, MA, United States

  • votingpebbles's Indoor garden

    Indoor garden

    Indoor garden grown with a hybrid aeroponic/hydroponic system, home-built. Not currently grown with organic nutrients due to their higher cost.

    Seattle, United States Seattle, United States

  • votingpebbles's Indoor garden

    Indoor garden

    Seattle, United States Seattle, United States

  • charmon's Indoor Vegetable garden [archived]

    Indoor Vegetable garden Archived

    Indoor veggies!

    Venice, CA, United States Venice, CA, United States

  • Narisa's Indoor garden

    Indoor garden

    I collect fuzzy plants and love to play with other indoor and outdoor container gardening experiments. Most herbs are outside on the balcony while all succulents are indoors. I’m also trying to grow hot Thai chili peppers and avocados.

    Seattle, United States Seattle, United States

  • jacqueline's Inside Triangular Bed garden

    Inside Triangular Bed garden

    Bordered by front path, wall, and porch of house. Features bird bath near to a Pomegranite Tree which is used by one of our cats as a water bowl. The magpies and honeyeaters don’t mind this at all, and use the branches of the tree before hop...

    Perth, Western Australia, Australia Perth, Western Australia, Australia

  • joeysplanting's Indoor Propagation garden

    Indoor Propagation garden

    During the winter, I overwinter Coleus cuttings as well as start seedlings indoors and try growing “experimental” plants. My setup consists of two shelves with grow lights in my small bedroom.

    Vallejo, California CA, United States Vallejo, California CA, United States USDA 9b

  • sandy130's Indoor garden

    Indoor garden

    Mostly I grow hoyas indoors along with a few stapelias and a couple of orchids.

    Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

  • Metranisome's Indoor CP tank garden

    Indoor CP tank garden

    I have an indoor 55 gallon aquarium used to grow many different carnivorous plants, mainly different lowland Nepenthes species but I also have Pinguicula, Utricularia, Genlisea, Drosera and Sarracenia.

    Covina, United States Covina, United States

  • Alfred's Indoor garden

    Indoor garden

    I have a number of orchids in my studio mainly white Phalaenopsis.

    Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada

  • shellieartist's Inside the brick wall garden

    Inside the brick wall garden

    Right now we have planted only Sugar Snap peas in our tiny little fall garden. Eventually we will till up a bigger spot on the other side of the brick wall. I like to grow my gardens in patches and mix herbs with my veggies!

    Lancaster, United States Lancaster, United States

  • Notsocrafty's Indoor Herbs and Such garden

    Indoor Herbs and Such garden

    We successfully grew basil, lavender, rosemary, and mint in our backyard this summer. I couldn’t stop planting and I started seedlings of oregano, thyme, tarragon, purple basil, italian basil, and thai basil. But now that’s it’s ...

    Davis, United States Davis, United States USDA 9

  • Maggie's Imaginary garden

    Imaginary garden

    This will be the garden I will have as soon as I live there and have the space…

    Greeley, United States Greeley, United States USDA 9

  • LadyRidger's Indoor garden

    Indoor garden

    plants are merely decorative… eventually I’ll add to it as I find out what likes growing in my home’s poor lighting

    London, Canada London, Canada

  • KatieJ's Indoor - Houseplants garden

    Indoor - Houseplants garden

    Duluth, MN, United States Duluth, MN, United States USDA 4

  • knitstuff's Indoor garden

    Indoor garden

    Ypsilanti, United States Ypsilanti, United States USDA 6

  • gardenersgazette's Indoor Plants garden

    Indoor Plants garden

    Mom and I have lots of plants in front of our East facing windows. The hanging plants are hung from a curtain rod that we installed in the ceiling. Some of the plants are: Mother-In-Laws Tongue, Aloe Vera, Zerbina Wandering Jew, Ivy, Christmas an...

    Rochester, United States Rochester, United States USDA 6a

  • Annet's Indoor sowings & plants garden [archived]

    Indoor sowings & plants garden Archived

    This is where the fun starts, the anticipation of spring and summer! This is where I sow culinary herbs and non-hardy plants like tomatoes and peppers.

    dahab, Egypt dahab, Egypt

  • serendipity9's Indoor garden

    Indoor garden

    It’s an AeroGarden growing the herbs. It sits in my kitchen like the sun with almost eternal daylight.

    San Diego, United States San Diego, United States

  • gardenpunk's Indoor garden

    Indoor garden

    This indoor garden sits mainly in our “Garden Room” – the only room in the house with south-facing windows! Most of our houseplants live here because we have evil cats.

    Folsom, California, United States Folsom, California, United States USDA 9

  • allotment5andahalf's Indoor garden

    Indoor garden

    Buckland Brewer, Devon, United Kingdom Buckland Brewer, Devon, United Kingdom

  • lauren's Indoor potted fruit garden

    Indoor potted fruit garden

    Bainbridge Island , United States Bainbridge Island , United States USDA 8b

  • sistinas's Indoor garden

    Indoor garden

    I’m attempting to grow herbs, veggies, and a few flowers in my apartment. No balconies, no grow lights, desert dryness, and a few big windows with northern exposure – we’ll see what happens!

    Tempe, United States Tempe, United States

  • Luinelen's Indoor garden

    Indoor garden

    Helsinki, Finland Helsinki, Finland