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  • Arkantos's Greenhouse garden

    Greenhouse garden

    to add details later

    Rampurhat WB, India Rampurhat WB, India

  • Harvester's Greenhouse garden

    Greenhouse garden

    The house already had this Fernery well established when we moved in, and I have only tried to maintain and extend it. It is a lovely peaceful area, and I have now added a propagation area for seed raising and cutting to strike (with a small benc...

    Adelaide, Australia Adelaide, Australia

  • Serialplantfetishist's Gravel Entry Garden garden

    Gravel Entry Garden garden

    What I think of as my garden is in our ‘backyard’. We have a double city lot with a 40’ by 80’, one hundred year-old warehouse in the Southeastern corner. It is forty feet from the back of the warehouse to the Eastern bou...

    Berkeley, United States Berkeley, United States USDA 9b

  • Greerish's Greenhouse garden

    Greenhouse garden

    still under construction really. But it should be finished in the next week or so, heated in winter to around 5degrees. when finished i intend on usng it in the winter to store my cool growing orchids and my collection of succulents, in the summer...

    Writtle, United Kingdom Writtle, United Kingdom USDA 9a

  • lein's Gewoon thuis in de achtertuin garden

    Gewoon thuis in de achtertuin garden

    WiMBY= Welcome in My BackYard… A rather small backyard, but is My Backyard! I call this my Party Garden, because this is the place where everybody gathers in summer. We eat here whenever the weather is good enough. So, we need enough space ...

    Brielle, Netherlands Brielle, Netherlands USDA 8

  • Kirst's Greenhouse garden

    Greenhouse garden

    We built some raised beds in the greenhouse earlier in the summer and planted capsicum, chillies , cucumbers and augbergine. We got a few cucumbers and some lovely chillies but something got to the peppers and ate all the fruit before we could pic...

    york, United Kingdom york, United Kingdom

  • fluffymuppet's Grow Dome garden

    Grow Dome garden

    The Grow Dome is a geodesic dome greenhouse, designed to stay above freezing without being heated. You can find out more about the Grow Dome on my blog.

    Oxford, United Kingdom Oxford, United Kingdom USDA 8

  • Soil's Garlic garden

    Garlic garden

    Planted my annual fall crop of garlic last October. 700+ for home use. We also have a winter garden of spinach, kale, and other hardy winter greens.

    Logan, UT, United States Logan, UT, United States USDA 3

  • clkcreative's Garden #1 garden

    Garden #1 garden

    Garden #1 is located in the sunniest area of our yard – the south side of the house. That is where I plant seeds – this year (2007) I planted zinnias, cosmos, bachelor buttons and coreopsis. This garden also has a hibiscus bush, a hu...

    Metro Detroit, MI, United States Metro Detroit, MI, United States USDA 6a

  • crumj's Greenhouse garden

    Greenhouse garden

    I have an 8×16 foot greenhouse that houses my citrus collection and some other tender plants during the cold months. I heat it with a small portable heater, trying to keep it above freezing at all times.

    Portland, Oregon, United States Portland, Oregon, United States USDA 8

  • DrSlippers's Greenhouses garden

    Greenhouses garden

    My main greenhouse is on my allotment, but I have one at home too.

    Lancashire, United Kingdom Lancashire, United Kingdom

  • Armorel's Greenhouse garden

    Greenhouse garden

    I bought my greenhouse in 1989 with money left to me by my beloved Dad, Jack, (also a keen gardener) who died in November 1988. It’s an Alton Cedarwood with sloping sides and measures 18ft long by 12ft wide. It has managed to withstand hurri...

    Isles of Scilly Cornwall, United Kingdom Isles of Scilly Cornwall, United Kingdom

  • Darcie's Greenhouse garden

    Greenhouse garden

    This is a large greenhouse that gets light for most of the day. It only has the frame, but the plastic was damaged a couple years ago and I never got around to replacing it. The soil is severely depleted. Last summer I dug a lot of kitchen and ...

    Sooke British Columbia, Canada Sooke British Columbia, Canada USDA 8b

  • AlabamaJack's Grow Box garden

    Grow Box garden

    I built a four foot square grow box that is six feet inside height. Further explanation and pictures are to follow.

    Fort Worth, Texas, United States Fort Worth, Texas, United States USDA 7b

  • YerbaBuena's Grow-Your-Own-Salsa Seedlings garden [archived]

    Grow-Your-Own-Salsa Seedlings garden Archived

    This was a project for my son’s confirmation class in 2006. Tomatoes, jalapenos, green bell pepper. With the help of my son and husband, I started the seeds on my freezer in the dark, made newspaper pots, and then moved them to my husband...

    Villanueva, NM, United States Villanueva, NM, United States USDA 6b

  • flight's GX-1134 garden

    GX-1134 garden

    The urban garden in Denver, Colorado USA. Join us for mission GX-1134…the Great eXperiment!

    United States United States USDA 5

  • FolkBennettFamily's Getting Started garden

    Getting Started garden

    Not much to say yet – Inherited asparagus and artichoke and trying to expand from there.

    Shoreline, Wa, United States Shoreline, Wa, United States USDA 8

  • Malcolm's Garage garden

    Garage garden

    As I explained in the Guerrilla Gardening list: Guerrilla Gardening in only the mildest sense. Just over the fence on the western end of my front garden, adjacent to a neighboring two-car garage, is a small raised garden, maybe eight square meters...

    Gdansk, Poland Gdansk, Poland USDA 6

  • Nici's Gardd y Gegin garden

    Gardd y Gegin garden

    caernarfon, United Kingdom caernarfon, United Kingdom

  • spring's garden garden

    garden garden

    Corte Madera, United States Corte Madera, United States

  • FarmerJim's Garlic garden

    Garlic garden

    Rose du Lautrec Creole Red Burgundy Siberian Purple Star Khabar CA Early Ital. Purple

    Athens, Georgia, USA, United States Athens, Georgia, USA, United States USDA 7b

  • FarmerJim's Greenhouse garden

    Greenhouse garden

    20′ × 36′ hoop house

    Athens, Georgia, USA, United States Athens, Georgia, USA, United States USDA 7b

  • mark_and_lou's Greenhouse garden

    Greenhouse garden

    We’ve had the greenhouse since 2005. It was given to us second hand and Lou’s dad helped put it up. The frame is likely to be a permanent feature of the garden, the windows pop out regularly in a high wind.

    Leeds, United Kingdom Leeds, United Kingdom USDA 5

  • heajames's Gated Pond Garden garden

    Gated Pond Garden garden

    The house came with a small, never cared for, cement pond on the side yard. I’d attempted to do a few plantings around and in the pond but dogs and toddlers saw to destruction of those efforts. To give me a garden “escape” that w...

    Austin Area, United States Austin Area, United States USDA 8b