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  • jess's Deck garden

    Deck garden

    I am lucky enough to have a large-ish deck that gets full sun. I filled it with container plants! I am one of those people that pinches off bits of your plants as they walk by, and takes them home and roots them and puts them in my garden. I lov...

    Seattle, United States Seattle, United States USDA 8b

  • SweetPea27's Dahlia garden

    Dahlia garden

    My mom didn’t have enough room or enough time for all of her dahlias , so my sister and I got to take some of them : ). I created a small dahlia garden on the side of my house, which I hope to do again next year.

    Somerset, United States Somerset, United States USDA 7

  • Stacie's down low garden

    down low garden

    this garden is a little bit sandy, and on a slight hill facing south, making the spot for early plantings, as the ground warms sooner there.

    Prophetstown, United States Prophetstown, United States USDA 5

  • ebjorn's Driveway Beds garden

    Driveway Beds garden

    A couple of strips that I’m packing flowers into. There’s the strip along the north side of the driveway that’s half ivy and half flowers that I just planted this fall (daylily—a variety divided from the neighbor’s an...

    Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States USDA 5

  • jacqueline's Driveway Strip garden

    Driveway Strip garden

    This is a strip on the top of a limestone retaining wall next to a paved area. It is only about the length of a house brick wide. Due to the limestone, irrigation and paving, the soil tends to retain moisture.

    Perth, Western Australia, Australia Perth, Western Australia, Australia

  • darkgardyner's Deck container garden

    Deck container garden


    shaded knoll, United States shaded knoll, United States USDA 5

  • DavidW's Dogwood Forest garden

    Dogwood Forest garden

    Greensboro, United States Greensboro, United States USDA 7

  • louisianagal's Daylilly garden garden

    Daylilly garden garden

    This garden is in front of my kitchen window. There was an existing large camellia shrub there. There is a birdbath.

    Tupelo, United States Tupelo, United States USDA 7b

  • Irocz28gta's Daylily garden. garden

    Daylily garden. garden

    Many many daylilies, some known some not, some even not named yet!

    Warrenville, United States Warrenville, United States

  • Serialplantfetishist's Dry Island Bed garden

    Dry Island Bed garden

    Berkeley, United States Berkeley, United States

  • veganorganic's Dunsyre Meeting Rooms garden

    Dunsyre Meeting Rooms garden

    I have been working with local kids and volunteers, and with the support of Scotland UnLtd’s Level 1 Social Entrepreneur fund to radically transform two small plots next to our community meeting rooms :-) They, like similar green spaces arou...

    Edinburgh, United Kingdom Edinburgh, United Kingdom

  • kinimond's Den lille store have garden

    Den lille store have garden

    Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Sam's Deck Container garden [archived]

    Deck Container garden Archived

    Salmon Creek, Washington, United States Salmon Creek, Washington, United States USDA 8a

  • sjones71's Dirt and weeds garden

    Dirt and weeds garden

    A fine patch of dirt and bug-attracting weeds!  Too small last year, but plenty of bounty.  2008 is the year of expansion where I will probably undo everything that made it successful last year.  That’s the way of it I guess.  Largest fo...

    east hampton, United States east hampton, United States

  • LoraJean's Driveway garden

    Driveway garden

    I have a section of dead space about three feet wide and 30 feet long. It is beside the driveway. The neighboring house has an old worn out chain link fence running the length of it. At the end of the driveway there is a Columbia Gas block hous...

    West Jefferson OH, United States West Jefferson OH, United States USDA 6

  • newfieknitter's Driveway garden

    Driveway garden

    When we first moved in to our house the driveway was unpaved and a bit of grass (for want of a better word). When we paved the driveway I toyed with a few plants and grass, then in a fit one day I tore up all the grass and spent the summer fillin...

    St. John's, Canada St. John's, Canada USDA 5b

  • LaRuse's Driveway Shade garden

    Driveway Shade garden

    The shady area along the driveway next to the house. Originally it was lined with boxwoods and hostas, but I removed most of hostas and all by three of the boxwoods, and now I am finally starting to do something with the space.

    Chesterfield, Virginia, United States Chesterfield, Virginia, United States USDA 7

  • Ezequiel's Desert garden

    Desert garden

    Lisboa, Portugal Lisboa, Portugal

  • cehualli's Dwarf Orchard garden

    Dwarf Orchard garden

    With the addition of a dwarf apple, I’ve decided to consider my fruit plantings separate from my other containers. These guys live next to the back door, where I can keep a close eye on them!

    Springfield, OR, United States Springfield, OR, United States USDA 8a

  • garboos's Domowy garden

    Domowy garden

    Small garden in the backyard.

    Katowice, Poland Katowice, Poland

  • AnnaClaire's Downstairs Balcony garden

    Downstairs Balcony garden

    I have a back balcony, and like to keep plant life there. Lighting: I’ve currently got it listed as “partial sun” since that’s what seemed closest. Despite the shadiness provided by having another balcony upstairs, it can a...

    Brooklyn, New York, United States Brooklyn, New York, United States USDA 7

  • amefaust's Deck garden

    Deck garden

    We moved into a new apartment with a large back deck, facing west/southwest. Perfect for plants that love sun. I recently started my little garden out there, of plants that like full sun and can tolerate being in containers. I’m hoping to ma...

    Oakland, United States Oakland, United States USDA 9b

  • schipknit's DogFree  garden

    DogFree garden

    Anacortes, United States Anacortes, United States USDA 8b

  • MIDavis's duPont Garden garden

    duPont Garden garden

    Working over a summer for a garden show, it was amazing… (more to be added later)

    Westtown, PA, United States Westtown, PA, United States