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rgasperson's 2008 Veggie garden

Garden Type: Backyard | Sun: Partial Sun | Soil: Clay | Established: 2008 | Organic

  • Photo-upload-5514?1333454193
    15 Mar 2008
    The frost took out everything that had come up last week, but the weather has been nice the past week and the two more tomatoes and one more cucumber started peeking above the soil. I am going to have to keep a lookout for more frost. :)

    2008 Veggie garden

    Sunny 12°C / 54°F
  • Photo-upload-5514?1333454193
    09 Mar 2008
    I had two of the bis goys poke their heads out of the ground, then the frost got’em. I hope the other 4 I planted wait til after the last frost to come up. We will see.

    Tomato 'Big Boy' and 2008 Veggie garden

    Sunny 13°C / 56°F
  • Photo-upload-7438?1333875006
    06 Mar 2008
    The cold weather is starting to back off and my cucumbers decided that it was time to see the light.

    Cucumber and 2008 Veggie garden

    Sunny 18°C / 65°F
  • Photo-upload-5514?1333454193
    22 Feb 2008
    Well We have had cold front after cold front. The seeds that I have planted still have yet to sprout. They may not sprout at all. Still waiting.

    2008 Veggie garden

    Overcast 4°C / 40°F
  • Photo-upload-5514?1333454193
    15 Feb 2008
    Got Home this morning about 5am. I went strait to be back yard and looked at the seeds. I didn’t see any frost. There was frost on my car when I left work, but I think I might have gotten away with leaving them uncovered last night. I Hope t...

    2008 Veggie garden

    Sunny 58°C / 136°F
  • Photo-upload-5722?1333874679
    14 Feb 2008
    This is my first year actually growing a garden directly in the ground. (I take that back. I remember growing one at my Dad’s House as a kid. It wasn’t extremely suscessful. I had some nice sunflowers.) I Broke ground, creating a 4R...

    2008 Veggie garden

    Sunny 14°C / 58°F
  • Photo-upload-5556?1333874667
    14 Feb 2008
    I am at work right now (40 Miles from my house) and I just realized that I forgot to cover my seeds! This is not good. Weather Channel Says it is about 35 F right now. Lets hope it doesn’t get below freezing. I leave at 3am. I don’t ho...

    2008 Veggie garden

    2°C / 35°F


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