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Asparagus bed Garden

Vince dug the original trenches, two 15 foot rows spaced 18 inch apart, 12" wide each. East row planted with Purple Passion, west with Jersey Knight. 2 Starkcrimson Rhubarb were set in hills on the north end. I mixed in compost and set the plants per instructions. Within a few days the trenches were completely underwater with the heavy spring rains. the rhubarb died, crown rot. About half the asparagus seem to have made it. I’ve been hilling up the trenches since. Need to mulch between rows to keep nettles under control.

Heavy clay soil is being amended with combination compost and imported topsoil. Will sheet mulch to build up quality.

Located in Chicago suburbs, United States, creme's Asparagus bed garden [archived] is an outdoor organic garden that currently contains 0 plants.

This is a Edible garden that is known to be in USDA Hardiness Zone 5. It has mainly Clay soil and receives Full Sun light.




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