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Simplicity Garden

This is a 20×40 foot community garden plot. I have had it since May 1 2009. It is a year-round space.

In 2009 I had a fairly successful year using a small portion of it, one 4×4 and one 4×8 raised bed. Funds were very limited, so I used recycled lumber from the Habitat for Humanity Restore, and other scavenged items.

In 2010 I tried adding a second plot the same size and ended up doing poorly in both of them.

So for 2011 I am back to one plot. Last year, during the winter, I spent a LOT of time laying down cardboard in the paths and then covering with wood chips. I also put newspaper or cardboard down on the beds and covered with leaves from a big leaf pile, then tried planting clover and field peas. The cover crops didn’t work last year — possibly the leaves, or herbicides on the leaves, inhibited them.

2011 is starting off with lots and lots of weeding to do. The wood chips kept the paths pretty clear, but the beds need lots of work. Nothing really grew in most of them last year because of weather.

An outdoor organic garden located in Longview, WA, United States, ves's Simplicity garden [archived] currently contains 0 plants.

This is a Community garden that is known to be in USDA Hardiness Zone 8. It has mainly Loam soil and receives Full Sun light.






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You know, this is the first time that I have visited your gardens, and they are really neat! Looks like you have quite a bit going on in them!!

Posted on 15 Jul 09 (about 10 years ago)

Yes, some sections are getting overcrowded. Next year I will ignore Mel’s spacings for cabbage and tomatoes. They need more room than 1 square foot each. I think 3 tomatoes across the back of a 4-square foot bed would be OK. And I think a cabbage needs at least 4 square feet when it is full-sized. My big cabbages are overlapping the other squares.

I need to update the things that didn’t come up.

Posted on 15 Jul 09 (about 10 years ago)

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