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pampered darlings Garden

We had some beds built next to the house above the western retaining wall. Mostly these are reserved for edibles and cutting flowers. Generally the conditions—topsoil, mostly sun (in the summer), regular water, are a rarity in the yard so I only plant things here that need favorable conditions and regular care.

We look down on this garden from the kitchen, breakfast nook and balcony, so i like it to be full of bold, cheerful plants.

The picture with the swing is a “before”. We have planted a small “orchard” on the terrace just below the retaining wall. The picture before the swing picture is a view from the orchard.

The current annual veggie rotation has the garden divided into 4 main areas, each of which is a medley of several edibles and ornamentals, annuals and perennials.

1. the part shady bed against the west wall of the house. In the summer this gets sun from 10 am until dusk, in the winter from about 1-3 pm, although winter sun is kind of hypothetical anyway since winter is mostly dark and gray. This isnt too visible so has no ornamentals. In 2011, this had purple sprouting broccoli and other brassicas, and peas, chard, as well as 2 struggling asparagus plants, lettuces, and some peas that are starting to produce. The brassicas were sharing with pumpkins until mid October, which worked out pretty well. Some of the brassicas and greens came out in the spring to make room for corn, beans and squash in the front in 2012. In 2013 this had tomatoes, then garlic went in in the fall for harvest in summer 2014. After the garlic comes brassicas again.

2. The northern end of the bed against the west wall of the house. This gets more sun, and had most of the summer 2011 tomatoes. Its not too visible, so the only ornamental is now the ghislaine de feligonde rose that is supposed to climb onto the back porch, It had garlic and onions until summer 2012. Fall brassicas go in for late summer 2012, then three sisters in summer 2013. Perennial tree collards now are permanently taking up most of this space.

3. The northern bed. This is a deep triangular bed, highly visible from the kitchen, in full summer sun. I like to have it full of large, dramatic flowers which can be cut for bouquets. In the back are dahlias, lilies, tree peony, self seeding poppies, liatris, lilac, roses, and ornamental rhubarb. There were also gladioli , which i moved out to make more room for veggies, however I keep finding more of their bulblets. In front in 2011 were the corn and beans. In 2012 this is for tomatoes. In 2013 this had summer greens, and beets. In 2014 it will mostly be flowers, some green beans.

4. The western bed. This is a triangular bed, highly visible from the kitchen, with ornamentals and edibles. Summer 2011 the annual edibles were the 4 smaller tomatoes that didn’t need cages, and a variety of greens. For edibles in 2012 I plan to mostly have greens and brassicas there, and some sunflowers and celeriac. One asparagus plant, the lone survivor of the 12 i started from seed this winter, has gone in there as well, and some others are growing form direct sown seed. In 2014 this gets tomatoes.

An outdoor organic garden located in Seattle, United States, anelson's pampered darlings garden currently contains 18 plants.

This is a Cottage garden that is known to be in USDA Hardiness Zone 8b. It has mainly Loam soil and receives Full Sun light.A reading of pH 7.0 was last taken on this garden, meaning that the soil is currently neutral soil.




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