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jhaliburton's Balcony garden [archived]

Garden Type: Container | Sun: Full Sun | Soil: Potting Mix | Established: 2009 | Organic ARCHIVED

  • bluroux's blu roux's backyard  garden

    blu roux's backyard garden

    I was lucky enough to find an apartment in downtown Toronto that not only had a decent sized back yard, but also had an established garden in it! (Yay!) I’ve tried to keep up the yard while adding my own touches over the last 5 years.

    Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada

  • bluroux's Shade garden garden

    Shade garden garden

    I made a deal with my landlady this summer. I would turn over the scraggly, weedy front yard and put in some shade tolerant plants if she would reimburse me up to $300.00 for materials. (As you can see, there’s a big Maple tree in the middle...

    Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada USDA 5a

  • herbgirl's Balcony garden

    Balcony garden

    I live on the north-east corner of a highrise, so I haven’t figured out if I have enough light for vegetables. This season I grew herbs and they thrived, I think the amount of morning light really helped, plus we’re fairly high up, so ...

    Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada

  • yougrowgirl's Rooftop garden

    Rooftop garden

    A rooftop garden in Toronto, Canada. Intensely hot and sunny. No outdoor water source. About 90%+ edible plants, veggies, herbs, and fruit. All organic.

    Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada

  • jsut's Patio garden

    Patio garden

    mouse over the image!

    Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada

  • Alfred's Backyard garden

    Backyard garden

    We have a large edible asian garden with bitter melons, tomatos, peppers and some chinese melon and squash.

    Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada

  • Alfred's Indoor garden

    Indoor garden

    I have a number of orchids in my studio mainly white Phalaenopsis.

    Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada

  • bre's Rooftop garden

    Rooftop garden

    What can I say – it’s on the roof. It gets full sun almost all the time (I think) … I am about to begin emptying old containers of old plants and trying to reclaim some soil so I can enrichen it with ‘the good stuff’...

    Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada USDA 6

  • The_Farmer_Chris_MacLuckie's thegreenerside 001 garden

    thegreenerside 001 garden

    From our work in 2007. If you have any questions about organic lawn and garden care, ie how to really get the plants healthy and stay healthy, feel free to drop me a message. We specialize in using compost and compost tea on our clients properties...

    Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada USDA 5b

  • moderntimes's Indoor garden

    Indoor garden

    I have been growing barley grass and sprouting for about a year – it helps to have fresh greens at your fingertips throughout the winter!

    Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada

  • Lorraine's City Laboratory garden
  • MattMiddleton's Midtown Toronto Seedlings garden [archived]

    Midtown Toronto Seedlings garden Archived

    I used two Lee Valley seed starters this year; one standard one, and one narrow “windowsill” model. I’ve transplanted everything in to the gardens, so the starters are on-hold until next year. I think next year I might get one o...

    Paradise, Newfoundland, Canada Paradise, Newfoundland, Canada USDA 6

  • DrArleigh's Backyard garden

    Backyard garden

    Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada USDA 6a

  • bre's 3 sills & an aero garden

    3 sills & an aero garden

    So far my ‘garden’ is comprised of an assortment of newly-planted (17 Mar – 28 Mar) vegetable & flower seedlings located on three south-facing windowsills in downtown Toronto. I just transplanted a strawberry plantling I pur...

    Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada USDA 6

  • Melamalie's Balcony garden [archived]

    Balcony garden Archived

    Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada USDA 5a

  • MattMiddleton's Midtown Toronto South-Facing garden [archived]

    Midtown Toronto South-Facing garden Archived

    This plot is outside the window of my apartment. It’s 15’ 6" wide by 2’ 3" deep, and has a southern exposure.

    Paradise, Newfoundland, Canada Paradise, Newfoundland, Canada USDA 6

  • mr_figgy's Tulip Trough garden

    Tulip Trough garden

    My peppers didn’t survive, too bad. I’ve gone for peat-based potting soil and planted two painted tulip bulbs, a lemon seed, and a blood orange seed. All have sprouted and look healthy so far, but I’m not confident about the non-...

    Woodbridge, Canada Woodbridge, Canada

  • charm's Backyard garden

    Backyard garden

    newmarket, Canada newmarket, Canada USDA 5a

  • Country's Backyard garden

    Backyard garden

    Well my backyard garden was created because I had small trees growing over my septic system. To stop them from growing I created a garden over the system with raised beds and woodchips for pathways. The garden is 3 yrs old now and is really start...

    West Gwillimbury, Canada West Gwillimbury, Canada USDA 5

  • canary's Perennial Patch garden

    Perennial Patch garden

    This garden has three saucer magnolias. The area in front of the magnolias receives full sun from noon until dusk, and I’m trying to fill it in with a variety of perennials with colourful blooms.

    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Hamilton, Ontario, Canada USDA 6a

  • lmj1119's Frontyard garden

    Frontyard garden

    Front garden medium sized. Larger plants in the back and smaller in the front. Consists of small shrubs, bulbs, perennials, and annuals. Mulched with red cedar mulch wood chips.

    Bowmanville, Canada Bowmanville, Canada USDA 5a

  • critterman's Flower garden

    Flower garden

    Orangeville, Canada Orangeville, Canada USDA 5a

  • jay's Frontyard garden

    Frontyard garden

    Niagara Falls, Canada Niagara Falls, Canada USDA 5a

  • jarnish's Bonsai Seed garden

    Bonsai Seed garden

    My first indoor/artificial-light driven seed planting. Here’s hopin’.

    Richmond, VA, United States Richmond, VA, United States USDA 6

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