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Wisteria Walk Garden

This garden has been a long time in the planning, but this is not such a problem as it will take a good few years to grow.
Tim has planned, designed and built it and it looks very professional. It is very straight but at the moment very bare!
I’m trying to hurry up and plant the wisteria before they ‘wake up’ along with a border of Natasha Richardson roses. When funds permit, there will be a wooden bench at the end to admire the view across the fields to the woods.
20.06.16 The wisteria have grown well, and I’ve tied the leaders in, down the row. Natasha Richardson is struggling into bloom and the weeds are almost under control. Ready for the bark chips, I’ve enough left for one side

01.10.16 The second walk way has zipped up! I have been able to mark out large rose beds either side and a narrow strip at each side for the wisteria and rose border
25.11.16 Finally marked out the beds either side of the walk,just the turf to take off, and the wisteria can be planted
16.12.16 the first of the wisteria Nana Richens have been planted
13.01.17 Natasha Richardson special deal roses planted on both sides
20.02.17 Finished off with alternate wisteria Black Dragon

Containing 4 plants, Motherhen's Wisteria Walk garden is an outdoor garden located in Benenden, Kent, United Kingdom.

This is a Boulevard garden that is known to be in USDA Hardiness Zone 8b. It has mainly Clay soil and receives Full Sun light.




Was thinking of you and your wisteria as I visited Alowyn Gardens this week. Their Wisteria Walk is at its peak and looking glorious.

You may remember I recommended their website to you when you first started your planning.

Posted on 20 Oct 17 (over 1 year ago)

Yes, the photos you showed me of Alowyn Gardens are spectacular. I think my walk has a few years growing to do! The plants have just about reached the top and some have progresses across to the middle of the roof but there is still more wood trellis than green leaf! Thanks for taking an interest.

Posted on 26 Oct 17 (over 1 year ago)

Sorry, Motherhen , but I’ve only just seen your reply. am having to prune my wisteria every month at the moment, it’s about to climb in the windows!

Good luck with yours.

BTW Congratulations on your prize – I had just paid my sub when Nic’s email arrived.

Posted on 10 Feb 18 (over 1 year ago)

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