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Rhubarb Patch Garden

This is a piece of garden that is in front of some house windows that receive morning sun.

Various perennial and annual plants have grown here, but it tends to be a piece of this and a bit of that, just because it is a nice sheltered area to get plants going. I now have pots ready to stick in the bits of twig off herbs that I don’t throw into the pot.

The garden grew from plants that neighbours and friends gave me, which I remove to plant things which I can grow and eat. So I have few indoor plants that are happy to grow here, herbs, flowers, and some vegetables, such as tomatoes (self sown) and rhubarb.

The rhubarb is doing so well, I think I will give it over to the rhubarb as apart from the snails and caterpillars it is pretty easy to look after. Also, rhubarb harvested directly from the garden is yummy.

Located in Perth, Australia, jacqueline's Rhubarb Patch garden is an outdoor garden that currently contains 24 plants.




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