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Leaf Mold Staging Area Garden

(Leaf Mold)":
With the cost of peat moss, I decided to try leaf mold to replace the peat. I’m using one of the old raised bed frames to hold the leaves. I moved it on top of the east side of the BTE site, which is close to where the leaves are and it’s close to water. After unloading the sweeper close to the bed, I used the lawn mower set in the highest position and the mulch plate installed to mulch the leaves. Used a shovel to pitch the mulched leaves into the bed. While the water hose was spraying on the leaves, I used the pitchfork to pile the wet leaves in one end of the bed.

Containing 0 plants, GeorgeSr's Leaf Mold Staging Area garden is an outdoor garden located in Stanchfield, United States and is grown using organic principles.

Situated in a Full Sun position, this Compost garden is located in USDA Zone 3b.



There are no plantings in this garden yet.


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