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libisika Garden

Garden’s site is Sierra Madre
Mountain ranges (300-700+ m altitudes)within Rizal/Quezon province, Luzon about 55 km east of NCR.This Tagnum area is a valley(Nakahuyo) located in plateau of Sierra Madre mountains and known for natural magnets and Iron ores(batung bakal) underground particularly in Mount Irid. This wildlife region(Libis ika- valley open) is home of plants that thrive in mild tropical climates like Lemon,Lukban,Lipouti, Sapinit, Horsetail trees,banana,Avocado,Manggo,Rambutan,White Dandelion , Golden Bamboo, mountain bamboos(buho), mountain chrysanthemum(pait), Luzon gooseberries, etc..As of April 9 ,2015 my wildlife area experience around 20.0 C Temp.(low) and 34 C .Warmest seasons are months of April and August.It is warm summer but the onset of Rainy season will keep soil wet and cool.Other sites are in Makati and Cavite upland area.

Containing 129 plants, diwani's libisika garden is an outdoor garden located in Makati ( NCR) / and Sierra Madre ,Rizal Region, Philippines and is grown using organic principles.

This Wildlife garden is located in USDA Zone 12a and has Clay Loam soil with a Partial Sun outlook.A reading of pH 5.0 was last taken on this garden, meaning that the soil is currently moderately acidic soil.




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