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raised bed 9 Strawberry pyramid Garden

This turned out to be a beautiful box.I now want to add another one opposite it at the back of the garden of gardens. It is a pyramid of a 5 foot square bottom with a 3 foot square second level and a one foot square top level. The top square box is sitting in the middle square of the 3 foot box and contains one strawberry plant. The second level 4 strawberry plants are in the corner squares and I transplanted 4 petunias I’d started outside in a sixpack seedling tray from the marigolds I’d gotten. Love to recycle! I start my seeds in the same mix I put in the beds and with the hold up on vermiculite a started these and the Nasturtiums so they’d be ready to plant. The petunias are in the four middle outside squares on each side of the top box. The bottom level I’ve planted 3 strawberries in each corner. One in each corner and the adjacent block on each side for total of 12 strawberry plants and the middle square of each side contains a Nasturtium started as above for total of 4. So the bed contains 4 Nasturtium, 4 petunias and 17 strawberry plants. It’ll be raining strawberries. This has been an all around fun project and I LOVE Strawberries!

An outdoor organic garden located in Live Oak, United States, FaithAbounds's raised bed 9 Strawberry pyramid garden currently contains 25 plants.

This is a Square Foot garden that is known to be in USDA Hardiness Zone 8b. It has mainly Combination soil and receives Full Sun light.




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