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Biochar staging area Garden

Wanted a record of making biochar, so am using a staging area garden to record the progress
Started with a 20 gal trash can, as the retort, which burned out after 8 burns, so cut the top off of a 100# propane tank to use for the retort. Reinforced the lid with a truck rim by cutting out between the bolt holes in the wheel and welding it to the barrel lid.
Lay ratchet strap in seam in concrete
Position 6×6 blocks on top of ratchet strap
Set retort on top of blocks leaning against trailer to aid in filling
Fill retort to top with firewood, making sure nothing extends over the top
Invert 55 gal barrel and position over top of retort
Install ratchet strap hooks and tighten strap to secure drum to retort
Invert drum and retort.
Add a few pieces of firewood to one side before leaning drum against the trailer.
Fill drum with firewood and sawdust to start fire
Add diesel fuel to top of sawdust and light
After fire is going good, add chimney.
After burn is complete and cooled off (about five hours)
Lay barrel on it’s side and remove retort
Stand up retort and rotate along the concrete to unload into a strip about six feet long
Drive over with the Rhino to crush
Used the Rhino with the tire chains installed, loaded with firewood, to crush the biochar. Used the sifter with 1/4" hardware cloth to separate the smaller pieces and dust to be added directly to the compost pile after inoculating. Resifted with the 1/2" sifter, to save the pea size particles, to use in the potting mix, after inoculating, as a replacement for the peat moss. Crush the large particles again to reduce even more.

Containing 0 plants, GeorgeSr's Biochar staging area garden is an outdoor garden located in Stanchfield, United States.

This Compost garden is listed in Zone 3b.



There are no plantings in this garden yet.


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