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Canna vegetable garden Garden

I must have deleted this garden when I let it go to weed over horrid season of 2012/2013. Weeded it at Easter (late March) and started to renovate it in May. Instead of NS rows I established EW rows more closely following contour. I have dug up path and created a slight hilled section. There will be 4 sections. The lowest will be sweet potato and I have an intention of letting this garden expand down the hill. I have established the next 2rows today 11th June. the top row will be permanently planted with a good bug mix and similar plants.

I have not improved the soil in these beds as I will be growing potato this yer in 1row.

Located in Belli Park, Australia, Austrees's Canna vegetable garden garden is an outdoor organic garden that currently contains 8 plants.

This Vegetable garden is listed in Zone 10.




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