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Butterfly - Bee - Bird Garden

I actually started this garden as just a small generic strip along the side of the house. The first thing planted here was the cutting from my father’s Lilac the next spring after we moved in, 1988. Over the years I slowly added the two rose bushes, and then the Hydrangea. When I really started gardening in earnest in 2004, I started adding more plants. In 2007, I extended around the corner and a short way along the fence with the front yard. Later that fall I extended a bit more along the fence. In 2008, I widened the fence area from 2 feet to 4 feet and extended it the rest of the length of the fence to the gate. Now, for 2009 I plan to widen the house side to about 4 feet wide. It was in the summer of 2007, when I saw that a lot of the plants already here attracted butterflies, that I decided that while adding more plants to this garden I would focus mostly on selecting those that would attract the butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. It apparently is working – our first Hummingbirds were in the garden all summer 2008, along with lots of Butterflies, Bees, Dragonflies and Hummingbird Clearwing Sphinx Moths.

An outdoor organic garden located in Swansea MA, United States, SneIrish's Butterfly - Bee - Bird garden currently contains 90 plants.

This is a Backyard garden that is known to be in USDA Hardiness Zone 6b. It has mainly Combination soil and receives Partial Sun light.




Was popping over here to admire your bee garden but instead have been entirely distracted by the fact that you’ve managed to get more than 4 secondary photo’s showing for this garden. What’s the secret???

Posted on 26 Sep 11 (over 7 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States6b

Just make sure the box for Auto Update for Photos is ticked on the edit page of your garden. Then when you write a journal, include the garden the plants are located in and add a photo for the garden just as you would for a planting milestone… and voila!

Posted on 26 Sep 11 (over 7 years ago)

Well there you go, I had never seen the auto update box make any difference but then I wasn’t journalling much until this month. Now I know, and will need to check they are all ticked, since I know I unticked when I joined because I thought it meant something else. Thanks so much for the info.

Posted on 26 Sep 11 (over 7 years ago)

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