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Backyard No-Dig Permaculture Garden

I consider this a Zen garden not because of Asian style but because I intend to keep this a simple, low-effort garden, as much as possible.
The main purpose of this garden is to help me relax, unwind and enjoy the outdoors, one breath at a time.

When we moved here in mid Sept 2012, we had solid clay, very few plants, an overgrown and overwatered clump of plantains, and an unmaintained water feature: slimy green above ground pool. Rumor is prior owners had Koi &/or Tilapia in the green pond which ate the mosquito larvae. When they sold the house they took their fish with them. The mosquitoes no longer had any control and they exploded in numbers, becoming a horrific cloud of bloodsuckers.

I initially named this garden Mosquitoville to keep a sense of humor about it all.
While working on fixing the above issues causing mosquito problems, I did some of my gardening in long sleeves and long pants and a hefty dose of bug repellent :)

Over the next few months the plantain clump was dramatically reduced.
The programmable watering system used on the yard was adjusted downward by half.
The water feature was cleaned and had a new filter and some appropriate chemicals applied to it to keep mosquitoes out.

UPDATE- Dec.8: This garden no longer feels like “Mosquitoville” anymore, thank goodness! These days it is actually usable for relaxation and butterfly viewing, so I will rename it now.

UPDATE- Dec.10: Beginning on improving the solid clay gumbo soil & poor drainage, via permaculture methods. Have sown cover crops and layered on various soil amendments (Lasagna gardening).

Containing 14 plants, GreenGuy's Backyard No-Dig Permaculture garden is an outdoor garden located in Houston, United States.

This Zen garden is located in USDA Zone 8b and has Silty Clay soil with a Full Sun outlook.




I know what you mean with mosquitos!

Posted on 03 Mar 15 (over 4 years ago)

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