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Mr_Mike's Greenhouse 2012 garden [archived]

Garden Type: Greenhouse | Sun: Don't Know | Soil: Don't Know | Organic ARCHIVED

  • Madudhan's Conservatory garden

    Conservatory garden

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

  • Leverit's Greenhouse garden

    Greenhouse garden

     Warwickshire , United Kingdom Warwickshire , United Kingdom

  • estewartm's Greenhouse #1 garden

    Greenhouse #1 garden

    United States United States

  • wansbeckjim's Backyard Little Greenhouse garden

    Backyard Little Greenhouse garden

    Ashington Northumberland, United Kingdom Ashington Northumberland, United Kingdom

  • bbyan's Home garden

    Home garden

    Invest in the Philippines

    Philippines Philippines

  • Bdapy2's Greenhouse garden

    Greenhouse garden

    Corowa NSW, Australia Corowa NSW, Australia USDA 9b

  • WidFin's Greenhouse garden

    Greenhouse garden

    Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

  • cbagain's Greenhouse garden

    Greenhouse garden

    Chesterfield Derbyshire, United Kingdom Chesterfield Derbyshire, United Kingdom USDA 8

  • MustardSeed's Greenhouse garden

    Greenhouse garden

    Poly Four shelf 100 watt lightbulb heat lamp On at 35 degrees/off at 45 plug Extra bubble wrap lining Windy site on deck

    Nashua NH, United States Nashua NH, United States USDA 5b

  • Greenorganic's Green Haven garden

    Green Haven garden

    Vail AZ, United States Vail AZ, United States

  • tilly13's Greenhouse2 garden

    Greenhouse2 garden

    Manchester Greater Manchester, United Kingdom Manchester Greater Manchester, United Kingdom USDA 8

  • tilly13's Greenhouse1 garden

    Greenhouse1 garden

    Manchester Greater Manchester, United Kingdom Manchester Greater Manchester, United Kingdom USDA 8

  • Sabb's Mini serre extérieure garden

    Mini serre extérieure garden

    Mini serre fabriquer de deux fenêtres. Les côté sont des tas de compost.

    Verchères qc, Canada Verchères qc, Canada USDA 4b

  • oddthomasxxiii's Indoor garden

    Indoor garden

    Bromley London, United Kingdom Bromley London, United Kingdom USDA 9a

  • Dino_saur's Greenhouse garden

    Greenhouse garden

    Kęty Podbeskidzie, Poland Kęty Podbeskidzie, Poland USDA 6

  • Primroses's Greenhouse garden

    Greenhouse garden

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

  • Wim's Vakantieverblijf Hageland Greenhouse 2015 garden
  • Riveresco's Greenhouse garden

    Greenhouse garden

    Sydney NSW, Australia Sydney NSW, Australia USDA 4

  • Plandemonium's Holding Area garden

    Holding Area garden

    Williston Vermont, United States Williston Vermont, United States USDA 4a

  • CDM52's Greenhouse garden

    Greenhouse garden

    Rayleigh Essex, United Kingdom Rayleigh Essex, United Kingdom USDA 8

  • Cuufie's Outdoor Glas garden

    Outdoor Glas garden

    Overpelt, Belgium Overpelt, Belgium

  • emmabee90's Basement garden

    Basement garden

    United States United States USDA 7a

  • GeorgeSr's Laundry Room Germinating garden

    Laundry Room Germinating garden

    With the sub-zero temps and the shortage of propane, it was decided to move the germination operation into the laundry room. Set up small patio table close to the laundry tub, which is really handy to cleanup the mess. Used a small prescription bo...

    Stanchfield Minnesota, United States Stanchfield Minnesota, United States USDA 3b

  • marysriverfarm's Cold Hoops Temporary garden

    Cold Hoops Temporary garden

    This is our little mini hoop house that is mainly for starting seeds and the inbetween place for plants that aren’t ready for the ground yet

    Steeleville illinois, United States Steeleville illinois, United States USDA 6a

  • Mr_Uke's LED Greenhouse garden

    LED Greenhouse garden

    Québec Québec, Canada Québec Québec, Canada USDA 4b

  • petwouters's Greenhouse garden

    Greenhouse garden

    Wollongong, Australia Wollongong, Australia USDA 9b

  • Wally2511's Greenhouse garden [archived]

    Greenhouse garden Archived

    Toowoomba Queensland, Australia Toowoomba Queensland, Australia USDA 9b

  • bmanthegreenman's B Man's Greenhouse garden

    B Man's Greenhouse garden

    My friend was replacing the windows on his house and I offered to help. He let me keep the glass from the old slider windows. I built the greenhouse out of reclaimed 2X6’s that I ripped to 2X3"s. I built the frames for each window by...

    Erin Ontario, Canada Erin Ontario, Canada USDA 5a

  • paperdragon's Greenhouse garden

    Greenhouse garden

    Newark Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom Newark Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom USDA 8b

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