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Patio Pots Garden

I’ve never been a very good gardener (my husband is constantly teasing me about my failures) but I really want to grow some nice herbs and some veggies to use. I thought I’d start with a few pots, and expand, and then see where it goes :D

Containing 5 plants, daftgiraffe's Patio Pots garden is an outdoor garden located in Geraldton, Australia.



Good luck with your herbs… except for Rosemary, I’ve had terrible luck! I don’t think it was actually bad luck, but more bad soil or bad position or bad watering (or a combination). Anyway, I really, really help it works out well. Keep us updated on your triumphs (and hopfeully not too many failures)… Looking forward to the updates :)

Posted on 05 Dec 11 (over 3 years ago)

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