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Side Garden

Our house used to be on 15 acres of land that housed a fruit orchard on the banks of a small river (creek like). As subdivison came in the 70s, the house was left on 1/3 acre with the front facing the next door allotment (though there was a decent size of lawn in between). We have since sold off that land (500sqm) and now have our “front door” facing the side fence and no longer in use as we use our side door which is now facing the front of the porperty. We have some plant life there from prior to the subdivison which has been neglected and required to survive on water alone. As this side of the house is West facing and 3 of the bedrooms are along this wall, it is intently hot. We want to densly plant this area with 2-3m tall shrubs so that we can utilise some of the Westerly breezes through the greenery to cool off the house.

Containing 1 plants, ben_clan's Side garden is an outdoor garden located in Huntingdale, Perth, Australia.

This is a Border garden that is known to be in USDA Hardiness Zone 11. It has mainly Sand soil and receives Partial Sun light.




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