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Serpentine Garden

This started out as three intersecting circles edged with brick and was meant to be a classic Elizabethan ground level decorative Knot garden (second picture). However, the shape never really worked with the other beds, and my old vegetable garden got shaded out by a large ornamental pear, so I had to move the veggies to this sunnier spot (ironically, the pear tree got felled in a storm, so now the old veggie garden is sunny again.)

In fall of 2008 I changed the shape of the garden to a serpentine— three opposing curves — which echoes the adjacent beds better and also increases planting space. Added a low brick wall to emphasize this recurring motif.

xan's Serpentine garden [archived] is an outdoor organic garden located in Chicago, United States and currently contains 0 plants.

This is a Vegetable garden that is known to be in USDA Hardiness Zone 5b. It has mainly Combination soil and receives Full Sun light.






Folia Helper

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This is a cool area! I like it! Especially the little stupping stones!! I think I will have to do that in my front door garden because it is just a little too deep for me to reach the back to weed.

Posted on 20 Apr 09 (over 10 years ago)

I really like the way the spiral stakes echo the curves in the border. It’s a nice space – interesting and appealing.

Posted on 19 Jun 09 (about 10 years ago)

This is a very beautiful and inspiring example to be followed. Love it!

Actually, to be honest, seeing your pictures makes me want to rush into the garden with a spade (its night and about 8 degC).

Posted on 19 Jun 09 (about 10 years ago)

Love the garden. I was even more impressed with the grasses and the plants around the whole backyard you give us a peek to in some pics. Very nice.

Posted on 23 Apr 10 (over 9 years ago)

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