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Entry Garden

The entry to Calafou has some pine trees where the camping zone is, and the platanus around the road. There is a lot of shadows by the trees and the air is humid.
The idea is to create a nice entry to Calafou, also use plants to separate and organize the camping and parking zone, and in general to build a positive first impression on the visits :D
Lots of sun and wind exposure too, and I want to make more clear some borders, maybe with a plant barrier, to make it safer for kids… right now the border is not really clear and you can suddenly be walking on the air over a bunch of spiny blackberries!

An outdoor organic garden located in Vallbona d'Anoia, Spain, emmapeel's Entry garden currently contains 10 plants.

This is a Boulevard garden that is known to be in USDA Hardiness Zone 8. It has mainly Rubble soil and receives Partial Sun light.




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