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2011 - Backyard Raised Beds Garden

Just getting started with my first attempt at gardening.
Built two 4′×8′ Raised Beds, one for Strawberries, and one for Chili Peppers.
Built a Little Hoop Hut for the peppers. Also planted some Heirloom Tomatoes in pots, and some corn, basil, and oregano.

Next Year I will build two more Raised Beds next to these, but was on a budget this year, plus didn’t want to overwhelm myself on my first garden attempt..

An outdoor organic garden located in Beaverton, United States, Squizza's 2011 - Backyard Raised Beds garden [archived] currently contains 0 plants.

This is a Backyard garden that is known to be in USDA Hardiness Zone 8. It has mainly Combination soil and receives Full Sun light.






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What’s the plastic stuff covering this? I’d love to know more about its construction. It looks so pro! x

Posted on 03 Aug 11 (about 6 years ago)

Well, its far from pro. The design was pretty much limited to using what materials I had laying around since I was on a budget and wanted to spend as little as possible. Also I wanted to make something that I could easily (with 2 people) move between each of the raised beds since they are all the same length/width.

The wood was all stuff just left over from various projects.
I used two 4×4 to support the hut on top of the raised beds that connects to the 2 vertical 2×6′s with a 2×4 at the top. Two left over 2×6′s run the length of the bed to connect to the other side.

I sourced some 1/2" PVC pipe from craigslist and cut 4 of them to 7’ lengths (Anything shorter just wouldn’t bend like it needed too.

I used 1/2" conduit clamps to attach the pvc pipe to the 2×6′s. Think I used 2 at each location.

Since I was on a budget the plastic is just the stuff you get at home depot. Not the best for this project or the most durable. When I can budget the expense I will probably try and get something a little better in quality and functionality.

I then used 3/4" pvc pipe that I cut about 25% of the circumference out of to make it look like a ‘C’ and then I cut those in 1/2" pieces and used those to clip the plastic to the pvc pipe.

Then I just used a staple gun anywhere else I needed to attach it to the wood.

To access the inside easily I just made the sides out of pvc covered in plastic, and drilled holes in each corner.
On the sides of the hut I put some double sided screws (Sorry dont remember what they’re actually called) in the 2×6′s that the walls slide over, then I use wing nuts to hold them on. (Actually I stopped using them since the walls seem to stay on just fine without screwing them down).

So pretty simple, but seems to be holding up, I guess we will see how it looks after winter. But since winters here aren’t too bad I am hoping it will hold up OK.

Posted on 03 Aug 11 (about 6 years ago)

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