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badkittystt's Front deck garden

Garden Type: Edible | Sun: Partial Sun | Soil: Potting Mix | Established: 2011

  • Elzbthdt's Yard garden

    Yard garden

    United States United States USDA 8b

  • jepartridge13's 2014 Fruit & Veggie garden

    2014 Fruit & Veggie garden

    We have a nice South facing balcony. We built four 2′×3′ wooden containers (raised to get as much sun as possible). We also have a few pots around for fruits.

    United States United States USDA 8b

  • Mandi_Darkrose's Fence garden

    Fence garden

    West Plains MO, United States West Plains MO, United States USDA 7

  • sadie412's Stumptown Farm garden

    Stumptown Farm garden

    Wappingers Falls  NY, United States Wappingers Falls NY, United States USDA 6b

  • kristal's Edible garden

    Edible garden

    ipswich qld, Australia ipswich qld, Australia USDA 10

  • halhurst's Edible garden [archived]

    Edible garden Archived

    I have started two pots planted with lettuce and cherry tomatoes. If they both grow I will use them as gifts, and call them “solar powered salad.” The idea is for the cherry tomato to grow in the middle, tied to the stake. Around the...

    Cottage Grove/ Eugene Oregon, south of the Willamette valley, United States Cottage Grove/ Eugene Oregon, south of the Willamette valley, United States USDA 11

  • pschafer's Strawberry Fields Forever garden

    Strawberry Fields Forever garden

    Took a class on berries this past weekend at the local nursery. I was feeling quite inspired and decided to build this planter box to try and grow strawberries. We’ll see what happens!

    Concord, CA, United States Concord, CA, United States USDA 9

  • erinsfg's Edible SFG year 2 garden

    Edible SFG year 2 garden

    Last year I built two 4×4′ square foot garden raised beds. I had some success – few pests or weeds, and a got tomatoes, a few peppers and lots of nasturtiums and marigolds and herbs. One problem was that everything got planted o...

    Chambersburg, United States Chambersburg, United States USDA 6

  • chipleperrita's My Second Attempt garden

    My Second Attempt garden

    This is my second year at gardening and I am pretty excited. I didn’t do great last year, but I must have gotten a hundred jalapenos off of the 2 pepper plants that made it through the hot summer. My tomatoes were spotty at best, but the few...

    Hardeeville, SC, United States Hardeeville, SC, United States USDA 8b

  • shortly's HotHouse #2 garden

    HotHouse #2 garden

    This is a seedling house primarily for my cactus seedlings (Yes lots of cacti have yummy fruit) although assorted seeds, cuttings Etc find their way in.

    redcliffe, Australia redcliffe, Australia

  • Warick's Strawberry Pole garden

    Strawberry Pole garden

    This strawberry pole was built not long after (couple of months) the vegetable gardens were in production.. Hanging baskets on hooks were erected and 1 year crowns were planted..

    Gosford, Australia Gosford, Australia USDA 10

  • blossom's Very Berry Patch garden [archived]

    Very Berry Patch garden Archived

    This is a very yummy patch in my garden. I want to try and grow a variety of berries. I am not having much success with the cane berries, but the strawberries are looking promising – where is the cream…

    Sydney, Australia Sydney, Australia USDA 10

  • JustStartingOut's Building for the Future garden

    Building for the Future garden

    The picture below/right associated with this description contains the entire “Building for the Future” Garden. Unfortunately, I needed to leave the blinds extended as pulling the blinds back to the side covers the lemon tree. Also, th...

    Livermore, United States Livermore, United States USDA 8b

  • lahondagrower's Edible garden

    Edible garden

    I’ve always been primarily a vegetable & herb grower. Green beans, zucchini, tomatoes are all in, seeds will be in next week.

    La Honda, Ca., United States La Honda, Ca., United States USDA 10

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