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Indoor Garden

This Garden consists of anything I happen to be growing Indoors.
Houseplants, seeds being started, etc.

Incidentally its also where Ive decided to keep journals about the progress of ‘Junior’- our first child.
I figure Junior is growing Indoors too- she or he is growing inside me! :)

TangoFlowers's Indoor garden is an outdoor organic garden located in United States and currently contains 1 plants.

Consisting mainly of None soil, this Secret garden is located in USDA Hardiness Zone 11.




I’ve just seen your chilli wish list TangoFlowers! Craving “the hard stuff” I see! Just watch out, or you’ll find yourself searching the web for optimum “CFL’s” to start things off in the depths of Winter (or possibly not, given your location, LOL). Seriously, it’s one addictive past-time! My Folia wish-list is just the beginning….

Posted on 23 Jun 11 (about 8 years ago)

TY for the warning about unusual-chili growing being addictive, but Im already solidly addicted! Been growing out the most unusual pepper seeds I could manage to afford as a hobby, since I was about 16 yrs old and have no plans of quitting.
No worries tho- Wont need grow lights for Winter pepper growing, not any time soon.
Hubby and I both have long term obligations keeping us in the islands. Should be here least another year. Possibly even 2 yrs. :)
Most of the ‘hard stuff’ peppers are way easier 2 grow here than the more common chiles like jalapeno, since Im in the tropics.
Most common Capsicum annuum type chiles such as jalapeno dont perform well here.
They are badly adapted for this climate. Fancier chiles like aji, trinidad scorpion, tobago seasoning, peruvian purple, and rocoto are way better adapted, because they originate from tropical regions.

Posted on 23 Jun 11 (about 8 years ago)

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