Seed Swaps

Backyard Garden

This is where I’m putting things that are not directly planted in the vegetable garden. They’re just kinda randomly being placed around the yard.
When we moved in last summer that yard was dominated by a nearly 10ft. tall rose bush and a single lilac bush. Add to that some violets that had gone rampant, some unstoppable ivy, a few hostas and a crazy amount of weeds and we have our work cut out for us.
That fall (2010) we sacrificed a lot of blood removing the monster rose bush and all the maple trees that had been allowed to take root. We cleared out one of the existing beds and set it up to be planted as the vegetable garden in the spring.
So far this season (2011) I’ve been slowly clearing out the other two beds which are mostly violets, ivy, maples and weeds, and figuring out what wants to grow where. It’s a slow, weedy process.

Located in Buffalo, New York, United States, MorosKeres's Backyard garden is an outdoor organic garden that currently contains 18 plants.

This is a Backyard garden that is known to be in USDA Hardiness Zone 5b. It has mainly Combination soil and receives Partial Sun light.




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