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Frontyard Sidewalk Garden

A small plot in front of my corner house where I grow flowers, plus the bed on the side of the house, and along the back fence.

2016, April
Pansies and dianthus in hanging boxes on porch railing, and leaving for the new buyer. All other flowers are staying, and I added a few pansies to the frontyard too.

Marigolds grown in hanging boxes on porch railing. Irises and calendula are in front plot. Aster bush remains next to the parking lot.
May, 2015- Added pansies, paintbrushes, geraniums, and
gerbera daisies

2014, Fall
Includes irises, calendula, and mums at the moment.

In the porch hanging boxes, I’m growing fairy floss flowers (or “paintbrushes” as I grew up calling them) and heliotrope right now.

An outdoor organic garden located in Lancaster, PA, United States, SassyGardenGirl's Frontyard Sidewalk garden [archived] currently contains 0 plants.

Situated in a Full Sun position, this Frontyard garden is located in USDA Zone 6a.




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