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Herb, Butterfly and Bee Corner Garden

20′×5′ northwest corner behind a shed. Just a bit more sunlight than the edible garden so probably better for flowers and the like. Plus, I want to do a bit to help keep the local bee population fed. There aren’t many around here, even though there are a number of plants/gardens.

Non-edible, yet medicinal, herbs will grow here

Not certain of the soil because there are two large cut grass bushes there right now. Those will be removed and the soil tilled. May not plant until this fall or next spring.

An outdoor organic garden located in Las Vegas, United States, amysey's Herb, Butterfly and Bee Corner garden currently contains 0 plants.

Situated in a Partial Sun position, this Butterfly garden is located in USDA Zone 9a.



There are no plantings in this garden yet.


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