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Potted In Patio Garden

Containing 26 plants, dsd2682's Potted In Patio garden is an outdoor garden located in Pembrok Pines, Fl, United States.

This Backyard garden is listed in Zone 10b.






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Hello and welcome to Folia :-)

Posted on 03 Mar 11 (over 8 years ago)

Welcome to Folia!
Lisianthus are a very short-lived plant in Zones South of Z8. In the deep South they act like an annual instead of being a short-lived perennial…they need a cool winter & dormancy to be able to come back from their roots the next year.
They don’t like high humidity or wet feet. (They are actually a xeriscape plant). Also they like sun, but not too much hot sun.

Lovely, but a challenging plant even in the Zones it likes (4-8), this one is a real pain to keep happy in Zone10.

To give you some idea of what conditions they like… The ancestor of this plant, the Bluebell (Eustoma grandiflorum), is native to dry prairielands with cold winters and its natural range was at one time as far north as Utah and as far South as Central TX. And the native Bluebell is somewhat easier to grow than the cultivated Lisianthus. More disease resistant, and more tolerant of gardener error. Sadly though, it’s a lot harder to find, due to habitat destruction and overcollection from the wild!

Good luck with the seed sowing project! Let us know how it goes :)

Posted on 03 Mar 11 (over 8 years ago)

Thanks for the info. I think it may not turn out too well, but I’ll give it a shot. I couldn’t even keep the plant alive in my garden so its going to be a real stretch to get it to grow from seed. LOL (wishful gardener).
I’m brand new to gardening and still have a lot to learn, but i’ll try anything once as long as it doesn’t cost a whole lotta $$$. My gardening habit can quickly become an expensive one so I’m trying to learn how to grow things from seed. But it hasn’t been easy. Unfortunately most gardening sites and info have to do with the middle range zones so alot of the plants wont grow here in South Florida. I did manage to grow ONE Texas blue bonnet plant and its blooming now (well, budding). But its still pretty small. I’m just glad I was able to manage one plant at least. HA!
I did get one tomato and one bell pepper also from seed. I always end up with just one. The rest die.

Posted on 03 Mar 11 (over 8 years ago)

Don’t let that “only got one seed to grow into a mature plant” thing get you down.
When I was a newbie gardener, only getting one plant from a seed packet was typical for me too! :)
As I learned more about seed starting techniques, my odds of seed starting success went up.
Check out this great thread on the topic of seed starting, by hotwired.
I had the same problem you are having when I moved to HI—Numerous standby plants which used to grow well for me in TX & CA just plain can’t thrive here in the tropics.
So, I found some HI gardeners to learn from…
I suggest you find some Floridians on Folia to follow, and also it’s wise to go look at local community gardens, local small organic farms, and local botanical gardens, for inspiration about what grows well in your area.

I also suggest learning how to properly save and swap for seeds. Result is a much higher quality of seed than one can get from merchants, which will increase one’s seed starting success rates. :)

Posted on 04 Mar 11 (over 8 years ago)

Wow, Thanks for the link. This is by far the most helpful article on seed starting I’ve read.
I already ordered a florescent light fixture with stand ($40 at about a week ago (since I had read it was essential). I don’t think I’ll need a heating pad as its warm in my garage (78 or so) where i will grow them. Do you use heating pads in Hawaii?
When did you move to Hawaii? Whats it like there? Do you love it?
I almost moved there once myself when I was in my 20s. I had a job lined up and everything, but then Sept 11th happened and the company I was going to go work for (in tourism) went under, so I moved to Miami Beach instead. :)

Posted on 04 Mar 11 (over 8 years ago)

Oh, also, funny you mention seeds as I just collected my first petunia seeds just yesterday. :)

Posted on 04 Mar 11 (over 8 years ago)

YW for the link. Hotwired is an amazing walking encyclopaedia of garden wisdom, due to his 60 yrs of gardening experience… He’s one of the first Folians I ever decided to follow!
Very cool that u have saved your petunia seeds. What variety ? :)

78F is plenty warm for most seeds, so unless you are growing something super tropical like Heliconia from seed you will not need a heating pad. I have no need for a heating pad either, not since I moved out of a mountain village, anyway. Up in the Oahu mountains a heating pad is sometimes needed for seed starting in the coolest months (Dec and Jan).

Because I unfortunately have a stalkerish/crazed ex who is looking for me, I don’t feel comfy stating when I moved to Hawaii. Sorry to hear that your attempt to move here didn’t work out. Sept.11 also derailed my life temporarily.
Like many Americans did, I suffered significant personal setbacks as a result of that tragic attack and had to make some tough sacrifices to cope. However, that difficult time spurred off a series of life changes which placed me where I am now, so, no complaints! :)
Also, Miami beach honestly sounds like an awesome place to live too!

What it’s been like for me living here and whether I love it or not- well, that is too long a story for me to type out just now. Maybe I’ll PM u about that later.

Posted on 04 Mar 11 (over 8 years ago)

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