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Bye-bye blackberries (for now) Garden

Well its been alot of work so far, and the work’s not over yet, but I’ve got my own real in-the-ground garden now! WOOHOO!!!!!

Here are a few photos of the garden area post-bramble, pre-digging.

I’ve decided to forego the trouble of the rototiller and I’m gonna try and dig up all those blackberry roots without throwing my back out. I’ve done a pretty decent job in one tiny corner. Took me several hours and alot of sweating. Luckily I have all the upcoming week off work so I’ll be spending most of it dig-dig-digging until I can’t dig no more!

The first picture is the view of the backyard with your back to the house. The area that is brightly lit with sunlight will be the garden. Hopefully my roommate’s sister’s broken picnic table on the left will disappear sooner than later, or get fixed for us to use.

The other three shots are different views of the actual garden area itself. These photos were taken around 3PM but as you can see the amount of sunlight is pretty good. My only concern is that once the apple tree fills in with leaves, this might change significantly.

In the last picture, you can see the brick patio-like area on the left-hand side of the garden. I’m somewhat tempted to pull up the brick (my landlord gave me the ok to do that and pretty much anything else I wanted in terms of the yard) but the few bricks I have had to more or accidentally pulled up while excavating roots and other debris indicate its pretty funky under there. I guess some kind of cloth-like protective layer was laid underneath the bricks which has since become home to lots of worms and other crawlers.

So I guess these photos will have to serve as the “before” shots, although in terms of visible change from when I moved in, to me they’re more of the “after.” If you haven’t read any of my other posts, this whole area, plus the bricked over area, basically from fence to fence, was overrun with enormous blackberry brambles. It took me most of the winter to chop them down and haul them out one compost-bin at a time. You can’t tell from these pictures, but the lot basically as wide as the house itself, so to get things from the back to the front for the waste collection crews to haul off requires carrying it up the back stairs, through the house, and down the front stairs. WHAT A PAIN!!!! There is still one last super-heavy compost bin full of dirt and debris that I’m afraid seriously will injure my back if I try and do it myself.

I think that’s enough for now.

Oh yeah, this could all be totally scrapped once I get a soil test. There are some warehouse-type commerical/industrial buildings in the vicinity. Although one of my roommates thinks the house was built in the 50’s so maybe the soil will have had time to clean itself up? Who knows.

WildeGardener's Bye-bye blackberries (for now) garden is an outdoor garden and is located in Oakland, CA, United States and currently contains 22 plants.

This Backyard garden is located in USDA Zone 9b and has Combination soil with a Partial Sun outlook.




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