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Indoor veggies!

An indoor organic garden located in West Hollywood, United States, charmon's Indoor Vegetable garden [archived] currently contains 0 plants.






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Thats so amazing how much you are growing indoors! I thought I was crazy attempting to grow carrots in my lounge room :)

Posted on 13 Oct 07 (almost 12 years ago)

So impressed by your indoor garden! I look forward to following it- can’t wait til you harvest from it! It will happen, I promise you. The zucchinis will come first I think, but they will taunt you with an all-male flower display for a week or so before you actually get dinner off them. Ignore those ones, or eat them, but when the girl flowers show up, I reckon leap right in with hand-pollination (natural pollination of squash seems to be tricky even outdoors, with bees). Best done early in the morning, lots of instructions around on the ’net.

Posted on 07 Nov 07 (almost 12 years ago)

I have to add- I’ve found a few quick, satisfying crops that’ve really, really upped my confidence as a veggie gardener by giving me results (and dinner!) I didn’t have to wait much for. Adding one or two of those to your collection might kick-start that “yay! Dinner I grew!” high a bit early. My #1 pick is swiss chard- the coloured varieties look great in pots, seem to grow really easily, and you can start eating them within a few weeks as baby salad leaves. Not the world’s most glamorous vegetable, sure, but maybe enough to tide you over til the flowering veggies (which always to me seem to take fooooreeeeever) start producing.

Posted on 07 Nov 07 (almost 12 years ago)

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