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The Gardenhouse Garden

ErikInTheBakery's The Gardenhouse garden [archived] is an indoor garden and is located in Renton, WA, United States and currently contains 0 plants.

This is a Propagator garden that is known to be in USDA Hardiness Zone 8b. It has mainly Potting Mix soil and receives Fluorescent light.




Thanks so much for sharing these photos of your indoor propagator garden! The use of the shower is a terrific idea. I also like that reflective blanket around the plants in one photo.

I wondered if that box fan may be a little overkill for preventing damping off, but causing tornado damage!

Have you ever tried growing vegetables in there in the “off” season? Yes, probably several more lights might be needed in that endeavor.

Posted on 10 Sep 12 (about 5 years ago)

Yeah, the box fan only there part of the season. It was what I had and funds were low.

Next year I plan on doubling the lights along with allowing the lighting rack to lower down more. I’m also going to need to get a better front panel, as this bathroom is now partially used by my 3-year-old!

Posted on 10 Sep 12 (about 5 years ago)

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