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Vermicompost Bin Garden

OK, I built it! Now to get the worms!

I used my own modification of the plans for the OSCR worm reactor set-up (keeping the OSCR’s wonderful convection-cooling principle intact, of course). Man, that was a LOT of holes to drill! I’m seriously tempted to get some extra bins, to have a reserve set, if it turns out to be a good design. (Of course, it’s rarely while the materials are on sale that such insights are possible.)

I ordered worms from a worm rancher (ha!) in PA, and should have them pretty soon…we’ve got lots for them to eat & live in, and a nice shady place to put the bins in the warm part of the year, so I’m pretty optimistic about the potential for vermicomposting on our property. :-)

I’m debating whether to put the worm farm on legs & set the legs in a dish of water, to discourage ants from colonizing the bins: I’m not sure if they’ll be a problem. Hmmmm…..

An outdoor organic garden located in Hunterdon County, United States, blurdom's Vermicompost Bin garden [archived] currently contains 0 plants.

This Compost garden is listed in Zone 6.




Ooo… good idea! I should make a “garden” to track my worm bins!

Posted on 08 Jun 12 (about 7 years ago)

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