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1 greenhouse Garden

Holding area for indoor sown seeds.

Located in glendale heights, United States, creme's 1 greenhouse garden is an indoor organic garden that currently contains 48 plants.

This is a Greenhouse garden that is known to be in USDA Hardiness Zone 5. It has mainly Potting Mix soil and receives Indoor light.




Hiya! I’m new to this website and am curious if you are planting your seedling in a community greenhouse. I enjoyed reading your progress from last year. What are your plans for the spring in terms of growing?

Posted on 18 Feb 11 (almost 8 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States5

Thanks so much Justin, and welcome back.

I cobbled together my own “greenhouse” getup last year. I started seeds in my kitchen and eventually moved seedlings to my enclosed porch. Eventually I would like to convert the porch into a more functional greenhouse. Right now, it’s a typical three season porch that faces east, it has a metal roof and is shaded by a large tree. It’s not great for light or heat in the spring.

For seed-starting I picked up a wire “bakers” rack with 5 shelves on it. I tied inexpensive florescent lights to the bottom of each shelf, invested in a seed heating cord that I wove through the shelves, and started seeds in a variety of recycled containers and seed trays. I did a lot of research comparing standard florescents, grow lights, clamp lamps, etc., looking for a workable, flexible and most important – cheap system. First I tried full spectrum bulbs in clamp lamps, but they were far too hot and didn’t diffuse light enough. I ended up with spotlight patterns of fried seedlings. I was unable to snag any florescent “shop lights” on freecycle (those things go fast!), and found the cost of buying bulbs and fixtures was the same whether I went with shop lights or the kind of grow light I ended up with (which is a small, single bulb system – I can’t recall the name off hand).

I also killed about 200 seedlings on their day of “hardening off” when I forgot the on my front porch. Lesson learned, set a timer!

This year I’m hoping to find boxes to use as seed flats, which will be easier to run the warming wires through. Really, that is what they are designed for. Wine cases would be perfect, I’m hoping that local liquor stores or the vineyard might throw some my way if they don’t reuse them. Otherwise I’ll have to get my husband to make me some, (or learn how to use those tools myself.)

This year I’m hoping to do multiple successions of seed starting and hold a plant sale in my driveway. That was the plan last year, foiled due to my herbicidal forgetfulness.

Now, tell me about yourself and your plans :)

Posted on 19 Feb 11 (almost 8 years ago)

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