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My summer backyard in 2007 on a 40′ × 120′ beach lot in Venice, California. Updating the garden now with some new plantings; can’t wait to plant more bamboo.There is a wooden fence separating the patio area from the lawn and herb garden that features Mandeville and variegated Bower vines. Perennials, succulents and herbs abound in containers and in the ground. Plants include salvia, buddleia, penta, aeonium, nemesia, angelonia, alyssum, penstemon, lantana, lavender, catnip, red lobelia ‘compliment’, lemon verbena, rosemary, bougainvillea, delphinium and columbine. Trees include liquid amber, avocado & ornamental plum.

There is a cool picnic area under the stately avocado. Surprising amount of wildlife including various birds & hummers, butterflies & bees of various sorts, possums, squirrels, cats & dogs and even raccoons on occasion, all within this urban beach community in Los Angeles. Japanese globe lamps and wind chimes hang from the avocado tree with some tiki torches along the fence. A misting system is hidden along top of the fence to cool the garden and provide moisture for the tropical plants – the Mandeville vine “Alice du pont” loves the mist.

Located in Venice, California, United States, mondomuse's Backyard garden is an outdoor organic garden that currently contains 15 plants.

This is a Backyard garden that is known to be in USDA Hardiness Zone 10. It has mainly Sand soil and receives Full Sun light.




I love what you’ve done with this garden mondomuse! Actually, when I first saw this pic I thought it was of my front drive! The blue gazing ball tops it off nicely. In my front drive, I have a new tree stump the same height. I’d love to see the rest of your plants in this garden…or even some of your visitors. I’ve been trying to get a shot of the humming bird-like eastern spinebill that visits every day.

Posted on 23 Sep 07 (almost 12 years ago)

wow, now thats my type of garden. The mix of colours and plants is awesome.I agree with Herb the blue ball rocks.

Posted on 25 Sep 07 (almost 12 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States10

Hey Aussiegall, thanks for stopping by and having a gander. My friend Sheela suggested I move that gazing ball to it’s current location in front of my herb garden. I purchased these cool solar floodlights that are aimed up at the ball, and at night it is illuminated with a soft glow, and the reflection of the floods on the metallic surface… looks like cat’s eyes. How cool is that.

Posted on 26 Sep 07 (almost 12 years ago)

Wow I love your backyard garden, it really is full of colour & as with the other comments the blue ball caps it for me, brilliant.

Posted on 08 Oct 07 (almost 12 years ago)

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